God At Eventide – May


May 1 – Bounteous Giving

Not what you can gain in any situation, but what you can give must be your question. You follow Me, of Whom it was said, “Even Christ pleased not Himself.”  So love, so help, so serve.
Seek the weak and wandering.  Care for all.
Realize My overflowing and overwhelming Bounty.  The stores of the Lord are inexhaustible.  But to test and prove My generosity fully you must be generous.

My lovers give with no niggard hands.  A heart overflowing with gratitude for what it has received expends joyous gratitude in giving. 

May 2 – Peace Unto Your Soul

Peace I leave with you, My Peace give I unto you.

I knew that only in Peace could My work be done.  Only in Peace could My followers help souls to Me.  At all costs keep that Peace.  If your heart-peace is unruffled, then every thought is a mighty force for ME.  Then every act is one of power.

Rely on My leading.  Nothing is impossible to Me.

Unlimited expectancy yours.  Unlimited power Mine.

May 3 – Useless Activity

Preparation time is so neglected by My followers.  Consequently there is lack of power in work for Me.

To alter the laws of a country is no real remedy for ill.  Men’s hearts must be altered by contact with Me.

Remember the lessons I have taught you about useless activity.  When most work cries out to be done, then it is truly the time — not to rush, but to Commune with Me and My Father.

Never feel strong in yourself.  Know that only in My Strength can you accomplish all.  No mountain of difficulty can then be insurmountable or immovable.

May 4 – The Acceptable Gift

Rest in My Love.  Abide in Me.

Leave all to follow Me — your pride, your self-sufficiency, your fears of what others may think — All.

Have no fear.  Go forth into the unknown with Me, fearful of nothing with so sure a convoy.

Just as a flower, given as an offering to a loved one, so is your tribute of love to Me.

As Mary gave her Love-offering, spikenard very precious, so give to Me your love and understanding.

May 5 – Dangerous Channels

“Savior, let me be a channel for Thy Mighty Power.”

First you must be kept by that Mighty Power.

For it must be a consecrated life to be so used.

My Power passing through wrong channels would work harm.  It could not be.

The alloy of the channel would poison the Spirit-flood.

May 6 – The Fertile Glade

Seek and you shall find.

As a mother hiding from her child puts herself in the way of being found, so with Me.  So the finding of Me and of the treasures of My Kingdom may not always depend upon ardent intent securing attainment, but upon the mere setting out on the quest.

Is this a comfort to you?

When you set out upon a time of seeking, I place Myself in your way, and the sometime arid path of prayer becomes a fertile glade in which you are surprised to find your search so soon over.  Thus mutual Joy.

May 7 – Clouds and Rain

See My goodness in the clouds and rain, as well as in the sunshine of life.  Both express so wonderfully the goodness and love of your Lord.

Just as the shady glade, the cool riverside, the mountaintop, the blazing highway, all meet the varying needs of man.

May 8 – The Dross and The Gold

Share your Joy with Me.

Tell Me of all that gladdens you throughout your day. I am near to hear.  Feel that I alone share to the full your heart-thrills, because with Me no success of yours engenders regret nor is tinged with envy.

Is it not My Joy, My success, accomplished only in and through Me?

Share all with me.  The disappointment, not only in others but all too poignantly in yourself.  Share your backward step as well as one of progress.

Bring all to Me, and together, in tender Love, we can sift the dross from the gold.

Come back to Me, ever sure of a welcome, ever glad to feel My Presence in and round you.

May 9 – Call Me Often

Speak My Name often during the day.  It has the power to banish evil, and to summon Good.


In Me dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead, so that when you call Me you call to your aid all there is of Good to need.

May 10 – Talk To Me

Talk to Me about the world’s misunderstanding of Me.  Tell Me that your Love will seek to comfort Me for that.  Tell Me your life shall be devoted to bringing about an understanding between Me and those you meet who love Me not.

As one who knows a prisoner has been wrongly convicted  devotes a lifetime to the vindication of that loved one’s name,  and counts all the trials and troubles, misunderstandings, and hardships encountered in so doing as nothing, so that his object is accomplished — let it be thus with you, longing to make Me known.

May 11 – Bigger Demands

As your faith in Me grows and your sphere of influence extends, your claims will be the greater.  Yet no real need of yours shall go unsatisfied.

You will make bigger demands, and ever more and more you will be trusting Me to supply the little wants.  This trust will come as you realize My power more and more, and feel My Love and know its tender watchfulness in every detail of your daily life.

“Rejoice, again I say, Rejoice.”

With a loved human friend a big gift may be prized as proof of a big love, but great devotion is displayed even more in the anticipation of the little wants, in the solicitude shown in little ways.

Delight in My Love, so shown.

May 12 – Lord of Joy

The Unspeakable Joy offered Himself for joyful recognition.

This is a further stage of development.

You enter upon it when you realize that I was the expression in time of the Joy of all Eternity. That joy I offered to all who would see in My way the path of Joy, and who would hail Me not only as the Man of Sorrows but as the Lord of Joy.

This truth becomes known to those only who give joyful recognition to this all-amazing, all-sustaining, all-revealing JOY.

May 13 – Highways and Byways

The Way of Holiness differs for each of My followers as the character of each differs.  My command for you is not necessarily My command for another.

My followers often forget this.  Because I may have told them to take a certain road they are sure that you should be walking in the same way.

Heed them not.  Remember, too, that a way of discipline for you may not be My Will for another.

May 14 – You Have Been Warned

Fasting is the starving out of self.  It may not always be by food-abstinence.  But it is an absolute essential of progress in the life with Me.

There is no standing still in the Christian life.  If there is not progress there is retrogression.

I redeemed you.  Bought you back from slavery to sin, of whatever kind.

So, when weakness overcomes you, and you yield to temptation, you make of My Redemption a mockery.

May 15 – Grasp This Truth

Too many hinder their work for Me by seeking to justify themselves.  You are fighting for Christ the King, not for yourself.  The explaining or justifying must be for Me. 

In any difficulty with another put yourself in his place and pray that his difficulty may be solved for him.

This will bring about a solution of yours, and help you to see better that for which you should pray.

The power to realize the needs of those you contact can only be acquired by absorbing sympathy and understanding from My Life.  So, time for knowing Me must be increasingly dear and necessary to you.

Your task is to show the Power of My Spirit working through a life of yielded will, and the Joy that transforms the life when this is so.

May 16 – Hungry Hearts

We would see Jesus.

This is still the cry of a hungry, dissatisfied, seeking world.

I look to My followers to satisfy that cry.

Reflect Me, that the seekers may see Me in you, and then go on to company with Me.

Rejoice at this as John rejoiced when he could point his disciples to Me with the brave and humble words, “He must increase, and I must decrease.”

Go on in Faith and Joy and Love.

May 17 – My Messenger Goes Before

When you think of Me as your Rescuer, remember it is not only from sin, depression, or despair.

It is from the difficulties of life also and from perplexity as to your path.  I solve your problems.  I provide the channel through which help will come.

I send My messenger to prepare your way before you.  I train you so that you may be fitted for your next task, so that you may be worthy of My promised blessing.  That blessing which I long to shower on you.

May 18 – The Healing Light

Wherever My followers go, there should be My Light surrounding them.  The Light of the Sun of Righteousness.

Evil cannot live in that Light.

Man is only just learning that light banishes disease.

Every follower of Mine who is in close personal touch with Me is surrounded by this Light.  Light Eternal.  Light reflected by a consciousness of My Presence.

So whether he speak or not he must be the means of diffusing My Light wherever he goes.

May 19 – The Ordered Life

You cannot be doing My work well and wielding a worthy influence unless all your life is ordered.

Let that be your aim and your achievement.

Secure this order and you will be able to do so much more in My service, and, without haste or unrest, reflect more the order and beauty of My Kingdom.

You need this discipline in your life.

Peace is the result of an ordered life lived with Me.

Prepare yourself for each task, for each occasion.  Pray for those you will contact, your time with them.

This will save discord, and will enable the work and planning, in which you cooperate with them, to be fruitful for good.

May 20 – Spirit Waves

You have been told to end all prayer upon a note of praise.

That note of praise is not only faith rising up through difficulties to greet Me.  It is even more.  It is the Soul’s recognition that My Help is already on the way.

It is the echo in your heart of the sound borne on Spirit Waves.

It is given to those who love and trust Me to sense this approach.

So rejoice and be glad, for truly your redemption draweth nigh.

May 21 – Soften the Soil

In My story of the Sower the hearts that lost the blessing, that held no good result, lost it because My servants had failed to prepare the ground.

They had failed to guard those they sought to influence, against the power of evil, and hardness of heart.  They had failed to brace them to bear trouble and difficulty.  They had failed to warn them against becoming too engrossed with having and getting.

The ground of the Sower had not been prepared.  Much prayer  must precede seed-sowing if the labor is not to be in vain.

So seek to prepare My way before Me.  Then I, the Great Sower, will come.  Harvest will indeed be great.

May 22 – Christianity Has Not Failed

Men are trying to live the Christian Life in the Light and Teaching of My three years’ Mission alone.  That was never My Purpose.

I came to reveal My Father, to show the God-Spirit working in man.  I taught, not that man was only to attempt to copy the JESUS of Nazareth, but that man was also to be so possessed by My Spirit, the Spirit actuating all I did, that he would be inspired as I was.

Seek to follow Me by the Power of the Indwelling Spirit which I bequeathed to you.  This Spirit WILL guide you into all Truth.

I told My disciples that I could not tell them all but the Spirit would guide them.  That is where MY followers fail Me.  Dwell more and more upon this Spirit-Guidance, promised to all, and so little claimed.

May 23 – Getting and Giving

Come, My children, come and gladly claim.  Come and take from Me.  Come with outstretched hands to receive.

And keep nothing.  Eagerly pass on My gifts so that I may again bless your emptiness and refill your vessels.

You begin to understand this Law of Supply.

Man does not realize that for the children of the Kingdom the law is not that which rules outside.

My followers must be channels through which My gifts can pass to others.  You cannot obtain My supply and follow the way of the world.

May 24 – No Separation

Come to Me.

At first with reluctant footsteps, then, as our Friendship grows, ever more and more eagerly, until the magic of My Presence not only calls but holds you, and reluctantly you turn to earth’s ways and duties again.

But, as time passes, even that reluctance passes too, as you know there is no separation, not even a temporary one, in such Companionship; because I go with you and My Words you carry ever in your heart. 

May 25 – New Temptations 

You will find that as you grow in Grace evil forces are more ready to hinder your work and influence.

Walk warily, watchfully.

Always see that there is a new discipline to become a part of your armor, for as you progress new temptations will present themselves.

In rarefied air there are subtle dangers unknown in the valley or on the lower sides of the mountain.  Many a disciple fails because he is not aware of the mountain dangers.

May 26 – A Day at a Time

The problems of tomorrow cannot be solved without the experience of today.

There is a plan for your lives dependent upon the faithful work of each day.  You frustrate that plan if you leave today’s task  incomplete, while you bestir and fret yourself over tomorrow’s happenings.

You will never learn the Law of Supply if you do this, and the learning of that Law is the lesson for now.

May 27 – Home of Content

Can you not trust My supply?

All is yours.  Could I plan your journey, your way of life, your work and not count the cost?

Can you not trust Me even as you would trust an earthly friend?  Live in My Kingdom and then the supply of the Kingdom is yours.

I wish you to learn the Glory of a God-protected life.

No idle, fruitless rushing hither and thither.

Storms may rage, difficulties press hard, but you will know no harm . . . safe, protected, and guided.

Love knows no fear.

May 28 – Care for All

Realize My overflowing and overwhelming Bounty.  The stores of the Lord are inexhaustible, but to test My generosity to the full you must be generous.

My lovers give with no niggard hands.

May 29 – Cares Cared For

Casting all your care upon Him, for He hath care of you.

How precious these words.  Care, attention, and the Love which prompts them, are all to indicated here, as also the most tender provision.

You are not told to put your worries away merely so that you may forget about them, but to cast them upon God.  That is different: They will be dealt with.

Difficulties will be cleared away, mistakes rectified, weaknesses remedied, diseases healed, problems solved.

May 30 – See Clear

Your power to help your brother does not depend upon him. It is in your own hands.  It is conditional upon your casting out the beam out of your own eye.

Attack not your brother’s faults but your own.

As you eradicate those you discover where your brother needs help, and you acquire the power to give him that help to conquer and to eradicate his faults.

May 31 – Into My Likeness

“Changed . . . from Glory to Glory.”  Changed from one character to another.  Each change marking as it were a milestone on the Spiritual Highway.

The Beauty of the view you see in the distance is the realization of My character, My Glory, towards which with varying pace you are hourly progressing.

The way to secure better progress is to keep your gaze on your goal.  Not on the road you traverse, assuredly not on the way by which you have come.  Your goal is that Glory or Character that you see more and more clearly in Me, your Lord and Master.

“It doth not yet appear what you shall be, but know that when I shall appear (that is to you, to your sight, when you see Me), you shall be like Me, for you shall see Me as I am.”