God At Eventide – June


June 1 – Confidence

Character-change comes by doing My Will in days when you see no Vision and hear no Voice.

Never leave the path of strict observance of all you were told to do when you saw Me and spoke to Me on the Mount. If you do you walk into serious danger.

These dull days are your practice days. Difficulties appear, failure seems inevitable. But all is necessary, so that you may learn to adapt your life to the teaching I have given you, may realize your own weakness, develop obedience and perseverance, without waiting for further instruction and inspiration.

Persevere with patience. I guide you still, for I am with you when you do not realize My Presence.

More faith will come through the confidence arising from experience.


June 2 – Shake Free

Come unto Me . . . and I will give you rest.

Rest in the midst of work. Heart-rest in the knowledge of My keeping Power.

Feel that rest stealing into your being. Incline your ear and come unto Me, hear and your soul shall live. Grow in strength, not overgrown by cares.

Let not the difficulties of life, like weeds, choke the rest of your soul, choke and tether the soaring freedom of your spirit.

Rise above these earth-bonds into newness of life, abundant and victorious. Rise.


June 3 – Praise for Everything

Confidence must be the finishing chord of every contact between you and Me. Joyful confidence. You must end upon the Joy-note.

The union between a soul and Me is attained in its beauty and complete satisfaction only when in every incident that soul achieves praise.

Love and laugh and thank Me all the time.


June 4 – Delve

Consider the Truths of My Kingdom as well worth all search, all sacrifice. Dig down into the soil. Dig when it means toil, fatigue.

Above and below the ever-present material you must look for My Hidden Treasure. It is not what you say, but what you perceive, that will influence other lives.

My Spirit will communicate this to you and also to those round you. So for their sakes delve.


June 5 – Delve Further

Examine yourself. Ask Me and I will show you what you are doing wrong — if only you will listen humbly and be unreservedly determined to do My Will.


June 6 – True Joys

Continue ye in My Love. Seek nothing for yourself, only what you can use for Me. Rely on Me for all. Be meek, not only towards Me but towards others. Love to serve. Have no fear. Seek to be true in all. Be full of Joy.

The world wants to see Joy, not in the thrills of worldly pleasures and dissipations, but in the beauty of Holiness. In the ecstasy of peaceful safety with Me. In the thrill of adventure My true followers know, in the satisfaction that self-conquest gives.

Let your world see that you are steadfast, immovable.


June 7 – Lose Life’s Sting

Submit yourself entirely to My Control, My Kingship; then the sting is taken out of life’s rebuffs.

Welcome each contact as of My planning. Be ready to widen your circle of influence at My wish. Do not let age or other limitations daunt you.

Trust Me. Can I not judge your fitness for the task I give you? Have not I a Love for your acquaintances as well as for you?

Do not question My decisions. All is planned in Love for all My children. Only self-will can hinder the carrying out of the Divinely conceived plan.

Work gladly, knowing all needed wisdom shall be provided, also all needed material to do My Work.


June 8 – Perennial Youth

Count all well lost, all other work well foregone, to rest apart with Me.

From these times you go out strengthened, glad, full of Life-giving Joy — My Joy that you can never find anywhere else but with Me, the Joy-giving Christ.

Let others sense this Joy. More than any words this will show them the priceless gain of life with Me.

You shall truly find that there is no age in My Kingdom, in My Companionship.


June 9 – Set Apart

Count not these days as lost.

You have, even in this seemingly narrow life, countless opportunities for self-conquest. There is no greater task than that.

I set apart those who greatly desire to reflect Me, because there is danger that in the crowded ways, and among others, self will gain the ascendancy.

For a time, until self is recognized and conquered, you too must withdraw into the wilderness.

You are learning much, and I am your Teacher.

Come with Me into a desert place and rest a while.


June 10 – Do You Remember?

Cultivate the habit of thinking about Me. God is everywhere. My Presence is always with you, but recollection brings consciousness of that Presence and closer friendship.

Deliberately recall some event in My life, some teaching of Mine, some act of love. So you will impress Me upon your character and life.

Your learning and accomplishments are valueless without My Grace, which is sufficient for you. Leave planning to Me. Leave Me to open or close the way.

Prepare yourself for all I am preparing for you.


June 11 – Simple Obedience

Dear Lord, teach me to obey Thee in all things.

You are Mine, pledged to serve Me.

Every want of yours has been anticipated. Look back and see how each failure has been due to your not having obeyed implicitly the instructions I gave you in preparation for that task or trial.

Listening to My Voice implies obedience. I am a tender Lord of Love, but I am a Captain with whose words there must be no trifling.

You are a volunteer, not conscript, but if you expect the privileges of My Service you must render Me the obedience of that service.

The way of obedience may seem hard and dreary, but the security of My ordered life the untrained soul can never know. March in step with your Captain.


June 12 – Spiritual Renewal

Deep life-giving draughts of My Spirit are yours. Think of the aridness, the thirst, that is unquenched till the whole unsatisfied being is age-worn.

Can you help man in any better way than by proving to him that the cleansing waters of My Spirit have power to wash away all that hinders growth, and to satisfy to the full every thirst of your nature?


June 13 – Conquest of Fear

It is not thinking about Me, but dwelling with Me that brings perfect fearlessness.

There can be no fear where I am. Fear was conquered when I conquered all Satanic power. If all My followers knew this, and affirmed it with absolute conviction, there would be no need of armed forces to combat evil.


June 14 – The Soul Restored

Do not sorrow if, after time with Me, you cannot repeat to yourself all the lessons you have learned. Enough that you have been with Me.

Do you in need to know the history of the plant or tree to enjoy the countryside? You have inhaled pure air and been refreshed with the beauty of the landscape. Enough for the day. So, too, you have been in My Presence and found rest unto your souls.


June 15 – Down in the Valley

Do not let doubt or fear assail or depress you because of this time of anguish and failure-sense through which you have passed. No, this had to be.

Useful work lies ahead of you. Before the onset of so great a task My servant has usually to walk through the Valley of Humiliation, or in the wilderness.

If I, your Lord, before I began My Mission, had to have My forty days of temptation, how could you expect to go all unprepared to your great task?

You must taste anew the shame of unworthiness, of failure, and of nothingness before you go forth with Me conquering and to conquer.


June 16 – Down into Egypt

Down into Egypt, back into Galilee. These journeys were gladly undertaken. They meant no family upheaval, for was not the desire of that Family but to fulfill Divine Intent?

Upheavals come only when man is set on some particular way of life, and is called to forgo that.

When the fixed desire is to do the Father’s Will, then there is no real change. The leaving of home, town, country is but as the putting off a garment that has served its useful purpose.

Change is only Spiritual progress when the life is lived with Me, the Changeless One.


June 17 – Bind Their Wounds

Draw from Me not only the Strength you need for yourself, but all you need for the wounded ones to whom I shall lead you. Remember no man liveth to himself. You must have Strength for others.

They will come to you in ever-increasing numbers. Will you send them empty away? Draw from Me and you will not fail them.


June 18 – Nearer to Thee

“Lord, show me Thyself,” is a cry that never goes unanswered.

Not often to physical vision comes the awareness but to spiritual insight, as more and more you realize My Love, My Power, and the manifold wonders of My character — its humility, its Majesty, its tenderness, its sternness, justice, mercy, healing, and consuming fire.

Draw nigh to Me and I will draw nigh to you.


June 19 – My Healing Power

When life is difficult then relax completely; sleep or rest in conscious reliance on My Healing Power.

Endeavor that others may never see you anything but rested, strong, happy, joyful.

Before you meet seek renewal in My Secret Place.

Your tears and cares must be shared with Me alone.

My blessing be upon you.


June 20 – Living Waters

Drink of the water that I shall give you, and you shall never thirst.

I will lead you beside the waters of comfort.

I will give unto you living water.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness.

As the hart panteth after the water brooks so longeth my soul after Thee, O God.

This is the thirst that can never go unsatisfied.


June 21 – Yours

Appeal to Me often. Do not implore so much as claim My Help as your right.

It is yours in Friendship’s name. Claim it with a mighty, impelling insistence. It is yours.

Not so much Mine to give you, as yours; but yours because it is included in the Great Gift of Myself that I gave you.

An All-embracing Gift, a Wonder Gift. Claim, accept, use it. All is well.


June 22 – Right of Entry

Dwell with Me, and in doing so you admit those you love to the right of entry.

If their thoughts follow you as human friend and helper, they are drawn in thought, and later in love and longing, to Me with whom you live.


June 23 – Each Need Supplied

Instead of urging men to accept Me as this or that, first discover the need, and then represent Me as the supply.

A man may not feel his need of a Savior. He wants a Friend. Reveal Me as the Great Friend. Another may not need guidance, only to be understood. Represent Me as the Understanding Christ.

Leave Me to satisfy each and every need as I do yours.


June 24 – Zest in Service

Your will, your desire, must be to do My Will, wanting It, loving It, as a child hugging some treasure to its heart. So treasure My Will.

Find your delight in It. “Lord, what wouldst Thou have me to do?” is no question of a sullen servant. It is the eager appeal of a friend, who views all life as a glorious adventure, with the enthusiasm of a youth permitted to share an explorer’s quest.

Bring the unquenchable Zest into all you do.


June 25 – Ladder of Joy

You see in your lives cause for praise or prayer. You praise or pray. Your heart is lifted thereby into the Eternal, into My very Presence.

Thereafter the drudgery or commonplace or dreary waiting ceases to be the colorless something to be endured. It is the ladder, whereby you rise to Me.

You can then smile at it, welcome it. It is friend, not foe. So with everything in life. Its value for you must depend on whether it leads you nearer to Me.

So poverty or plenty, sickness or health, friendship or loneliness, sunshine or gloom, each may add to the Joy and Beauty of your lives.


June 26 – Life’s Furnace

Life has its furnace for My children, into which they are plunged for the molding.

At their request I watch and watch until I can see them reflect My Glory. Then comes the further shaping into My Likeness. But the metal from which that Likeness is fashioned must be indeed pure.

So often My children are impatient for the molding, never thinking that the refining must come first.

To do My work there must be much refining.


June 27 – Eternal Life

Eternal Life is a matter of VISION.

Spiritual Vision is the result of knowledge which engenders further knowledge.

“And this is Life Eternal . . . to know Thee the only True God and Jesus Christ Whom Thou hast sent.”

Eternal Life.

Eternal insofar as the quality, the character of the Life is concerned. Being of God implies immortality.

It is My Gift of the Life that is Mine. Therefore it must be Power-Life. This is your Life, to absorb, to live in and through.

” He that believeth –hath eternal life.”


June 28 The Life Divine

As you recognize My dealings with you, Eternal Life flows through your being in all Its sanctfying, invigorating, and remedial force.

Eternal Life is awareness of the things of Eternity. Awareness of My Father and awareness of Me. Not merely a knowledge of Our existence, even of our God-head, but an awareness of Us in all.

As you become aware of Me, all for whom you care are linked to Me, too. Yielding Me your service, you draw, by the magnetic power of Love, on your dear ones within the Divine-Life radius.


June 29 – All One

Every man is your brother, every woman your sister, every child your child. You are to know no difference of race, color, or creed. One is your Father and all ye are brethren.

This is the Unity I came to teach — Man united with God and His great family. Not man alone, seeking a oneness with God alone. See God the Father with His great world family, and, as you seek union with Him, it must mean for you attachment to His family, His other children.

He acknowledges all as His children, not all acknowledge Him as their Father.

Ponder this.


June 30 – Immune from Evil

Evil was conquered by Me, and to all who rely on Me there is immunity from it.

Turn evil aside with the darts I provide.

Rejoicing in tribulation is one dart.

Practicing My Presence is another.

Self-emptying is another.

Claiming My Power over temptation is another

You will find many of these darts as you tread My Way and you will learn to use them adroitly, swiftly. Each is adapted to the need of the moment.