God At Eventide – September


September 1 – It Is Enough

Listen and I will speak.

I seldom force an entrance through many voices and distracting thoughts. There must be first the coming apart and then the stilling of all else as you wait in My Presence. Is it not enough that you are with Me?

Let that sometimes suffice.

It is truly much that I speak to you. But unless My Indwelling Spirit is yours, how can you carry out My wishes and live as I would have you live?

September 2 – You Shall Hear

Listen to My Voice. Share all your joys and sorrows and difficulties with Me, remembering always that we share the work.

More and more souls will be sent to you to help. Be ready, attuned to My slightest whisper. There is no lack of help for My servants, but so often they are not in a receptive mood.

Listen and you shall hear is the continuation of “Ask, and you shall receive,” “Seek, and you shall find,” “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you——-“

Listen, and you shall hear..

September 3 – Your Failures Are Mine

Lord I present to Thee my failures. Only Thou couldst . . repair the harm that I have wrought.

Because you are Mine I must identify Myself with all you are. I play the harmony of which you made such discord. I sound the hope in ears you had no charm of Love to woo from sin and failure.

I lead to happier ways those you misjudged, despised.

I take your failures, and because your desire is towards Me, and you know Me as Lord, these, your failures, it is My sacrificial task to bear, to reclaim.

Step up from your slough of failure into the robe of faith and love I give you.

Be strong to save as you have known salvation, strong in Me, your ever-conquering Lord.

September 4 – We Walk Together

Lord I would walk with Thee.

See, I set My pace to yours as a loving parent does to that of his child.

So there must be much silence in our companionship because you are not yet able to bear all the Wonder-Truth I long to impart.

But though words might find you unresponsive, you cannot fail to grow in My Presence, to grow in Grace, to grow in understanding.

So in that Rest I promised to those who come to Me, you do indeed gain the strength that comes from security in Love.

September 5 – Love Leaps Forward

You must keep close to Me.

Faithfulness is not merely obeying the expressed commands of My Written Word. It is the intuitive knowing of My Wish by close and intimate contact, from which has grown true understanding of Me.

Even with this knowing, faithfulness can only be possible when you are fortified with the Strength that Communion with Me gives.

If you know My slightest wish and have absorbed from Me the Strength in which to carry it out, then Love leaps forward, responsive, rejoicing in the Lord.

September 6 – No Pride

Are you ready for training and discipline? Like my winter-trees, seemingly useless and impotent to those who do not understand the enrooting in Me which keeps you steadfast amid storms and winter cold.

All through the dark months when your beauty (your power to help and shield) has been sacrificed, you are yet drawing in strength and sustenance.

The time to help will come again, and you will have learned to have no personal pride in the beauty of your foliage and the restfulness of your shade.

You will use them for those who need them, but will give the glory to Me, your Lord.

September 7 – “Lord, My Lord!”

The human heart craves a Leader, one whose will it delights to obey.

It craves a oneness of aim and achievement with a loved one. It craves to be understood.

It craves to reveal itself without reservations and to gain only strength thereby.

To gain, too, an ever more intimate revelation of the heart of the loved one. Where can the heart of man find satisfaction as with Me?

September 8 – Perfect Harmony

No discordant note mars your intercourse with Me, for only with Me can life be perfect harmony.

There may be much to regret on your part, failure, disloyalty, fear, sin.

In My Holy Presence all that is swept away by My Hand of Love. Only Love, Peace-bringing, Harmony-producing Love remains. If you are to face the World and maintain your calm, you must take to the World, and your tasks in it My Peace and Harmony.

September 9 – Thy Heart’s Desires

Pause upon the threshold of My House of plenty.

Pause in awe and in the joy of Worship.

He shall give thee thine heart’s desires. Give your desires themselves, conceived as they are in union with the Divine Spirit, and receive their fulfillment.

Know this and let your heart sing with the joy of this Wonder of Supply.

September 10 – Unruffled

Peace. It is your task to keep this Peace in your hearts and lives. This is your work for Me. It is so all-important because if you lack it, then, as a channel, you are for the time useless.

Learn to sense the slightest ruffle on the surface of your lives. Learn to sense the smallest unrest in your heart-depths. Then back to Me until all is calm.

Think, some message may be undelivered because I cannot use you. Some tender word unspoken because self blocks your channel.

Only self can cause unrest, and My great Gift to My disciples was PEACE.

September 11 – Lose This Desire

Again I say, never judge another. That is one of My tasks I have never relegated to any follower.

Live with Me. So you will be enabled to see more of that inner self that I see in each one. Thus you will learn a humility that makes you lose desire to judge.

Oh, seek to love and understand all. Love them for My sake. They are Mine. As you live with Me you will see how I yearn over them, and long for them. Seeing this your love for Me must prevent your hurting Me by unkind criticism of those for whom I care.

September 12 – Blame Not

Never seek to cast the blame on others.

If I bear your sins and those of others, are you not casting your blame on Me?

If what is untoward is the result of your own fault or weakness, seek to remedy the cause by conquering the fault and overcoming the weakness.

If it has been caused by another, then apportion no blame, allow no thought of self to intrude to cause the slightest ruffle of your spirit-calm.

Safeguard the peace which I entrusted to you.

September 13 – Cause Of Sin

No longer has sin any power over you unless of your own deliberate choice.

The surest way to safeguard yourself against any temptation to sin is to learn to love to do My Will, and to love to have that Will done in all the little as well as in all the big things in your daily life.

So often man puzzles over this — if I have conquered sin, why is it then so powerful an enemy?

I conquered sin.

It has no power over any soul that does not want to sin. Then all that could lead to sin is desire.

I lay such stress on man’s loving Me. If his love, his desire, is set on Me — he wills only to do My Will. Thus he is saved from sin.

September 14 – Gifts For You

“Not as the world giveth, give I unto you.”

Not as the world giveth, but oh, infinitely more richly, more abundantly, give I unto you.

The world expects a return, or gives only in return. Not so do I. My only stipulation is receive!

But to receive My Power, My Gifts, you must have room for them, and full of self there is no room for Me and My Gifts.

So all I desire of you is to be emptied of self, and to desire Me.

September 15 – Bold In Prayer

My child, there is no arrogance in your assertion when you say, “I will not let Thee go unless Thou bless me.”

Have not I ever told you to claim big things. In so doing you obey Me.

You do right to wrestle boldly in prayer. There are times for demanding, for claiming.

Now is the time to claim. You are in no doubt about My Will. Claim its manifestations on earth.

September 16 – Adoration

Never forget to adore. That is the most beautiful form of prayer. It includes all others.

If you adore, it implies that trust in Me and love for Me without which all supplication fails to achieve its object. It implies thanksgiving, because adoration is born of repeated thanksgiving.

It also implies contrition.

Who could adore Me with a Joy-filled adoration, and not be conscious of unworthiness and of My forgiveness and blessing? Adoration is Love-filled reverence.

September 17 – Leave Him To Me

In My Kingdom judgment is not man’s role. There is one Judge, and even He reserves His judgment until the last chapter of man’s life is written, until all the evidence is secured, so anxious is He to discover some extenuating circumstances, or to wait until by man’s turning to Him and throwing himself upon His mercy, the position is altered, and the judge becomes the prisoner in the dock.

Then God the Father, knowing His Beloved Son accepts responsibility for the deed (has in fact already received the punishment Himself), is bound to pardon the human sinner.

You then in judging (poor, weak, foolish, contemptuous arrogance), are judging not the sinner but Me.

September 18 – You Can Help

My followers were to save My world — by keeping My Commands, by close union with Me, and by the indwelling Power of My Spirit.

But they were to be a peculiar people. My religion which was to change men’s lives, and was to be so revolutionary as to separate families and reorganize governments, has become a convention, tolerated where not appreciated.

Its Truths have been modified to suit men’s desires. Its followers carry no flaming sword, they bear no Message of a Love so tender as to heal every wound, so scorching as to burn out every evil. My Cross is outdated, My Loving Father but the First Cause.

Man delights in his self-sufficiency, and seeks to persuade himself that all is well. Can he deceive a loving, understanding Father, who knows that under all the boasting there lurks fear, longings, despair?

Can I leave man so? Can I offer him Calvary, and if he will have none of it, leave him to his fate? I know too well his need of Me. “You can help Me.”

September 19 – Help Me

Help Me to save your fellow-man as dear to Me as you are.

Do you not care that he should pass Me by?  Do you not care that he should pass Me by?

Do you not care that he is lonely, hungry, desperate, and far from the fold?

September 20 – Led By The Spirit

Learn to wait for spiritual Guidance until its suggestion is as clear to your consciousness as any command of officer to soldier, of the master to servant. This recognition distinguishes My true follower from the many who call Me “Lord, Lord,” and do not the things that I say.

There are many who live according to the Principles I laid down when on earth, but who do not act under the impulse of My Spirit day by day.

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God.”

September 21 – Barriers Burned Away

My Light shall shine upon you. It shall illumine and cheer your way.

But it shall also penetrate the dark and secret places of your hearts revealing perhaps some unrecognized sin, fault, or failing.

Desire its radiance not only for its comfort and guidance, but also for its revelation of all within you that is not wholly Mine.

I am the Sun of Righteousness. Rest in My Presence, not clamoring, not supplicating, but resting until the impurities of your being are burnt out, the dross of your character refined away, and you can go on strengthened and purified to do My work.

September 22 – I Am Forgiveness

My Lord, forgive me I pray.

Could I withhold forgiveness? I, who live ever to plead for My children, who told them that always when they pray they must forgive in their hearts?

I am God but I became man.

Perfect God and perfect man.

So human and yet so Divine.

Because I am Eternal — that I must ever be.

So see in Me all I enjoined My followers they must ever be and do. Could I withhold forgiveness?

September 23 – Irritability Banished

Consciousness of My Presence imparts permanence and strength to all you do.

My Spirit, permeating every part of your being, drives out all the selfish irritability, while fortifying all the weak parts and attuning your being to Heaven’s Music.

To think of Heaven as a place where you sing praises to Me is right, but the singing is with your whole being, as My pulsing Joy flows through it.

September 24 – All On The Altar

Absolute Love must decide all your actions.

Fear nothing. Ride the storm.

Delight to do My Will.

Not only money affairs; lay all your letters, your work, all, upon My altar.

Make an offering of each day to Me for the answering of your prayers and for the salvation of My poor world.

Subdue every self-thought, utterly, entirely.

September 25 – The Love That Satisfies

My Mercies are great to all who turn to Me and to all who turn from me.

How tenderly I yearn over these wayward ones. How I seek ever to save them from the hurts their very refusal of Me will bring upon them.

I long to save them from the hunger of loneliness that will follow their driving away the only love that will satisfy.

September 26 – Storms May Rage

Live with Me and words will not be necessary.  You will know My Will.

The real necessity is your receptiveness.

That comes through self-discipline that allows of spiritual progress into, and in, a Higher Life.

In that spirit realm you are conscious of My Will. You are one with Me. Truly, you may count all things well lost to win Christ.

I wish you to learn the Glory of a God-protected, guided life. No idle, fruitless rushing hither and thither. Storms may rage, difficulties may press hard, but you will know no harm. Safe, protected, and guided.

September 27 – My Striving Spirit

There is never a time when a man cannot turn repentant to Me and, craving My pardon, receive it.

But there is a time when I cease to be persistent in urging My follower to an action.

The human ear can hear a sound so often until it ceases to convey a meaning, to be heard with awareness.

So with the spirit-ear, unless the whole desire and effort is to carry out My plan, My servant may cease to hear, cease to be aware of My wish.

This is a grave spiritual danger, and I say unto you, watch and guard against it.

September 28 – Your Only Way

There is a stage in Christian development at which My follower should have passed beyond that of general service and conformity to the rules I laid down for My disciples.

When he should be seeking to serve in some special way planned for that soul, and in the service that soul was destined for, which none other can so adequately do.

Think, the Salvation of My world, all planned, even to the minutest detail, but that work is not done through neglect, through failure, through indifference.

My way for you is not a path of general righteousness and obedience, but the actual road mapped out for you, in which you can best help My needy world.

September 29 – Love Heals

You are asking to be used by Me to heal, but you are asking for the fruit before the root has become established, and the tree has grown to its stature.

With the elimination of self, and obedience to My Will, your Power in the Spirit world will naturally grow. Thus you will assuredly gain in that world the control that others seek to have on the material plane.

But you must forego all desire for control or recognition on that lower plane. As you cannot serve two masters, so neither can you operate on two planes.

Your Love must grow by dwelling with Me. It was My over-flowing Love that healed.

September 30 – The Future All Unknown

My Word shall be a lamp unto your feet, and a light unto your path. No difficulty need appall you. You are shown in all things what to do, but remember that the light must go with you. It is to warn, comfort, and cheer, not to reveal the future.

My servants do not need to know that. The true child-spirit rejoices in the present, and has no fears, no thought beyond it. So must you live.

If I, your Lord, accompany you, shedding My radiance all round you, the future must always be dark, because as far as your acceptance of revelation and your present development are concerned, I am not THERE.

But as the future of today becomes the present of tomorrow, then the same light and Guidance and Miracle-working Power will be yours. Rejoice evermore.