God At Eventide – Nov 1

November 1 – Joy in November

These things have I spoken . . . that your Joy may be full.

The hallmark of a true follower of Mine is Joy.

Not a surface pleasure at life’s happenings, a something that is reflected from without, but a welling up from within of that happiness that can only come from a heart at peace, secure in its friendship with Me.

Joy, strong and calm, attracts men to Me.

How many who claim Me Lord reflect a dull Christ, and wonder that the world turns rather to the glitter and tinsel of that world’s pleasures.

Truly My followers deny Me in so doing.  I am a Glorified Christ.  A Christ of Triumphant Conquest.

Alas!  My followers point too often to the grave-clothes of the tomb.  Still learn to love and laugh.

God At Eventide – Oct 31

October 31 – And Seek No Surplus

I would impress upon you again that only as you are channels can I make your supply plentiful and constant.

If you keep all you need, and then intend of your surplus to give to Me and Mine, there will be no surplus. I have promised to supply your need, so that as you impoverish yourselves, I repair that loss. Try and grasp that Truth in all its fullness.

God At Eventide – Oct 30

October 30

Again I would stress that the service of My followers must be ever one of Love, not of duty. Temptations can so easily overcome a resolution based on fear, on duty, but against Love temptation has no power. Live in My Spirit, rest in My Love.

Remember, if you look to Me for everything, and trust Me for everything, and if I do not send the full measure you ask, it must not be thought that it is necessarily some sin or weakness that is hindering My Help from flowing into and through you.

In some cases this may be so, but it may be simply My restraining Hand laid on you as I whisper, “Rest, step aside with Me. Come apart and rest a while.”

God At Eventide – Oct 29

October 29 – Little Difficulties

The secret of true discipleship is service and little things. So rarely do Mine understand this.

They are ready to die for Me, but not to live for Me, in all the small details of this life.

Is not this the way of men, so often, towards those they love in the world? They are so ready to make the big sacrifices, but not the little ones.

Guard against this in service for Me. Suffer little hardships gladly, overcome little proud impulses, little selfishnesses, and little difficulties. Serve Me in the little things. Be My servants of the little ways.

God At Eventide – Oct 28

October 28 – Growing Young

There will never be a time when you will have conquered all of self. As you mount higher and higher you will see more and more clearly the errors and shortcomings of your character and life.

That is as it should be. Progress means youth.

Arrested growth means stagnation. Lack of progress and failure to conquer mean — old age.

In Eternal Life there can be no old age. Eternal Life is Youth-Life, full and abundant Life. “And this is Life Eternal that they may know Thee, the only True God, and JESUS Christ, Whom Thou hast sent.”

God At Eventide – Oct 27

October 27 – Mysteries

There is only one road that leads to the solving of mysteries, the road of obedience and Love.

But in perfect Love there is no curiosity, only a certainty that when the time has come all will be clear, and that until that time there is no desire to know anything that the Beloved has not chosen to reveal.

Does it matter if no mystery is made plain down here? If you have Me, then in Me you have all. Continue ye in My Love.

God At Eventide – Oct 26

October 26 – Love Is Duty-Free

How human, how earthbound are the thoughts man has of God. He judges of Me and My Father by his own frail impulses and feelings.

There is in Divine Love no compulsion of duty from the loved one to the Lover.

Love draws, certainly, and then love longs to serve and to express one’s love.

But no question of duty in return for Love.

God at Eventide – Oct 25

October 25 – Fullness Of Joy

There is a Joy of My Kingdom that My followers may know, and that no shadow of the world’s pessimism can endanger. It resists all cramping of outward, soulless convention.

Too often My followers fail to see how full of Joy I could be. They see Me, the JESUS who beheld the city and wept over it, Who was so touched by the suffering all round Me, and they fail to realize how filled with Joy I could be at the response to My Call.

No shadow of the Cross could darken that Joy. I was as a bridegroom among the friends he had chosen to share his wedding joys.

As such I refused to consider the implied reproof of the Pharisees. We were a band filled with desire to save the world, we were full of hope and enthusiasm. Our Spirits could not be compressed into the outworn bottles of mere pharisaic convention. Ponder this and recognize your Master Who bids you Love and Laugh.

God At Eventide – Oct 24

October 24 – A Special Message

Peace has, for every true disciple, a special meaning and message. It is endeared to him by association. It was the parting gift of his Lord to His followers, bequeathed through them to followers of each succeeding generation. It is not the peace of indifference, of sloth; that is mere acquiescence.

No, the Peace I left to My own is vital and strong. It can exist only in the heart of one who lives with Me. It derives from Me that Eternal Life which is Mine, and which makes the Gift ever full of an imperishable beauty, and instinct with Life indeed.

God At Eventide – Oct 23

October 23 – Passing Understanding

The Peace of God that passeth all understanding.

That Peace that both fills and encircles the soul that trusts in Me. It is born of a long faith-experience that is permeated through and  through with the consciousness of the never-failing Love of a Father.

A Father Who supplies and protects, not alone because of His obligations of Fatherhood, but because of a longing, intense, enduring Love, that delights to protect and supply, and that cannot be denied.