God At Eventide – February 10


February 10 – Your Power

In your hands I have placed a wonderful force against evil.  You cannot realize as yet the mighty weapon you wield.

Make known the Power of Prayer.  A force so wonderful, so miracle-working, that when it is united with a will that seeks only My Will and with a Friendship with Me that calms, enobles and enriches, then nothing can withstand its Power.

God At Eventide – February 9

February 9 – All Will Be Well

In humble anticipation — wait.

Wait as a servant anticipating orders.  Wait as a lover eager to note a need, and to supply it.

Wait for My Commands; wait for My Guidance; wait for My Supply.  All will come.

In such a life you may well be of good cheer.  Can a life be dull when always there is that watchful expectancy, anticipation of glad surprise, that wonder of fulfillment, that Joy of full supply?

God At Eventide – February 8

February 8 – Future All Unknown

Probe not into the future.  Prophecies are not for you.  Be a humble follower in the crowd.  Live with Me.  Ponder My Words, My Teaching, My Actions.

Soon you will find that more and more opportunities of speaking of Me will present themselves.  Do not make them.  They will proceed from the pressure of inward growth, and not from outward stress.

God At Eventide – February 7

February 7 – The Way Of Progress

Impress upon all that growth is one of the laws of My Kingdom.

However long your span of life on earth, it can never be too long for growth and progress.

Be ever seeking My Will for you.  Not a new religion, nor the right religion, but — My Will.  Then all will be well and growth will follow.

God At Eventide – February 6


February 6 – True Humility

If I, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you ought also to wash one another’s feet.

How My followers have misunderstood this.  They interpret the required attitude to be one of service.  In service there can be condescension, there can be a total lack of humility.

I sought to teach a lesson to those who would approach Me to partake of that wonderful Union with Me, vouchsafed to those who worthily eat of My Flesh and drink of My Blood.

I desired to teach them that they must come to Me in the Spirit of humility towards others.  No sense of superiority, especially Spiritual superiority.  True humility.  Learn this lesson in daily Companionship with Me.  “For I am meek and lowly of heart.”

God At Eventide – February 5


February 5 – The Aching Spirit

Just as I said that those who hungered and thirsted after righteousness would be filled, so I say to you — none ever longed to know Me better and remained unsatisfied. Even with your imperfect knowledge, you are daily realizing how true this is.

Man dwells so much on material things that he fails to grasp the Spiritual laws that never fail.

For all spirit-longing there is fulfillment.  I soothe the aching Spirit.

You think I answer your prayer.  Yes, but the answer was there, awaiting the prayer.

You will see these simple Truths more and more as you live with Me; truths hidden from the wise but revealed to the little ones of the Kingdom

God At Eventide – February 3


February 3 – Ambassadors All

If you love Me and long to serve others by showing them what I am like, you will assuredly do so.

Because self will disappear, be cast out.

When self has gone then those who see you will not see the self in you; only the ambassador of your King.

You have here in this seemingly narrow life of yours countless opportunities of overcoming self.  Let this be your great task.

God At Eventide – February 2


February 2 –  My Wages

If the world understands you, then you are speaking its language, actuated by its motives, living its life according to its standards.  Will you have this?

Remember I said very clearly, “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  If you serve God, then, for your work, you should surely look to God for reward.

So many of My servants serve Me, and yet expect to receive the gratitude and praise, or at least the acknowledgment of the world.  Why?  You are not doing the work of the world.  Why expect its pay?

God At Eventide – February 1


February 1 – All Love Excelling

Softly I approach.  Gently My Spirit speaks to your heart.

The mystery of man’s communion with Me lies in the beauty and wonder of its aloneness.  For the moment the world seems not to exist.  Its noise and traffic seem hushed.

There is indeed wonder in that stillness.  A faint glimpse is seen in the sudden realization of Love between two human beings.  Surprise and wonder . . . the world is for them alone . . . no claim other than their love.

What wonder in the heart of man when he realizes the beauty, tenderness, and closeness of Communion with Me!