God At Eventide – August 10


August 10 – Glad Surprise

Live so near to Me that you may never miss the opportunity of being used by Me. It is the prepared instrument, lying nearest to the Master Craftsman’s Hand, that is seized to do the work.

So be very near Me, and you cannot fail to be much used. Remember that Love is the Great Interpreter, so that those who love you and are near to you are the ones you can help the most.

Do not pass them by for others, though your influence and helpfulness will gradually spread, in an ever-widening circle. You will live in a spirit of glad surprise.

God At Eventide – August 9


August 9 – Undivided

Live in My Peace.

There must be no divided life in this.

Peace in your heart. That heart-rest that comes from constant communion with Me, and from an undisturbed trust in Me.

Then Peace round you, where others are conscious of Me, and of that Peace as My Gift, and the rest and strength and charm into which they are drawn.

God At Eventide – August 8


August 8 – No Hurt

He that overcometh shall not be hurt by the second death.

The first death is the death to self, the result of overcoming, of self-conquest. This is gradual death.

When it is complete, the second death shall cause no hurt. For it is only the conquering Spirit sloughing away its human habitation for a better Life.

The courage My Martyrs showed was not only fearlessness engendered in time of persecution through faith in Me, and in My power to support and sustain. It was consequent on the overcoming of self already achieved. Self, having truly died, this second death had no hurt for them.

Theirs was then the Risen Life with Me.

God At Eventide-August 7

August 7 – Balm for All Ills

Love and care and pray. Never feel helpless to aid those you love. I am their help. As you obey Me and follow My teaching in your daily life, you will bring that help into operation.

So, if you desire to be used to save another, turn to your own life. As far as you can, make it all that it should be.

Let your influence for Me extend ever further and further. Let Love be your balm for all ills, the Power in which you will break down all barriers.

It stands, too, for the Name of the God you love and serve. So with His banner floating o’er you, go on in glad confidence to victory. Your task to help, to strengthen, raise, heal. Only as you love will you do this.

God At Eventide-August 6

August 6 – Deaf Ears

Man cries for help. Man feels his need of Me. All unmindful that countless times I draw near unheard, pass on unnoticed, speak to deaf ears, touch brows fretted and wrinkled by earth’s cares.

“The Christ is dead,” man says.

Alive and longing, full of a living tenderness I passed his way today. He heeded not.

Man hears the storms, the wind, the earthquake, and his ears still pulsing with the echoes he hears no Still Small Voice. Oh, do not miss Me, My children.

God At Eventide-August 5

August 5 – Love in the Unlovely

Love to all must mark all you do if you own Me Lord, and if you would be a true follower of Me.

“His banner over me was Love.” Those words express not only the loving Protection round you, but the banner under which you march as soldiers of Me, your Captain.

It serves to remind you of that for which you stand before the world. It is in Love’s Name you march. In Love’s Name you conquer. It is Love you are to take into the unlovely places of the world. It is the only equipment you need.

God At Eventide-August 4

August 4 – Vision of Love

Love is a flower.

Love is the seed from which that flower germinates.

Love is the soil in which it is nourished and grows.

Love is the sun that draws it to fulfillment.

Love is the fragrance that flower gives out.

Love is the vision that sees its beauty, and God is Love, all-knowing, all-understanding, from whom all Good proceeds.

God At Eventide-August 3

August 3 – Love Lightens the Load

In due season you shall reap if you faint not.

The way may seem long and dreary.

Sometimes My Heart of Love aches that I have to ask you to tread so long and so weary a way. Yet to each of My followers the road chosen is surely the one best suited for his feet.

But feet grow weary. Have you let Love smooth the toilsome way? We walk together.

God At Eventide-August 2

August 2 – Still Love and Laugh

This has ever been My command to you. Love and Laugh. There is a quality about true Love to which laughter is attune.

The Love that does not pulse with joy (of which laughter is the outward sign) is but solicitude. The Joy of Heaven is consciousness of God’s Love.

It was that Love that brought Me to your world.

Consciousness of that Love called forth your joy. Study My Words in the Upper Room — “Loved of My Father”; “I will love him”; “That your Joy might be full.”

God At Eventide-August 1

August 1 – Joy of Harvest

He that reapeth receiveth wages and gathereth fruit unto life everlasting, that both he that reapeth and he that soweth may rejoice together.

Do you not see that if you are careless about the reaping you have prevented the harvest-joy of the sower?

If by your life and character you do not reap to the full that which they have sown, you are robbing them of the well-earned fruit of their labors.

Further learn this lesson. There are many of My workers and servants in different spheres of the activity to whom you owe the seed of word or example or loving help that has influenced you.

It is a sacred trust. Use it fully.