God At Eventide – Sept 10

September 10 – Unruffled

Peace. It is your task to keep this Peace in your hearts and lives. This is your work for Me. It is so all-important because if you lack it, then, as a channel, you are for the time useless.

Learn to sense the slightest ruffle on the surface of your lives. Learn to sense the smallest unrest in your heart-depths. Then back to Me until all is calm.

Think, some message may be undelivered because I cannot use you. Some tender word unspoken because self blocks your channel.

Only self can cause unrest, and My great Gift to My disciples was PEACE.

God At Eventide – Sept 9

September 9 – Thy Heart’s Desires

Pause upon the threshold of My House of plenty.

Pause in awe and in the joy of Worship.

He shall give thee thine heart’s desires. Give your desires themselves, conceived as they are in union with the Divine Spirit, and receive their fulfillment.

Know this and let your heart sing with the joy of this Wonder of Supply.

God At Eventide – Sept 8

September 8 – Perfect Harmony

No discordant note mars your intercourse with Me, for only with Me can life be perfect harmony.

There may be much to regret on your part, failure, disloyalty, fear, sin.

In My Holy Presence all that is swept away by My Hand of Love. Only Love, Peace-bringing, Harmony-producing Love remains. If you are to face the World and maintain your calm, you must take to the World, and your tasks in it My Peace and Harmony.

God At Eventide – Sept 7

September 7 – “Lord, My Lord!”

The human heart craves a Leader, one whose will it delights to obey.

It craves a oneness of aim and achievement with a loved one. It craves to be understood.

It craves to reveal itself without reservations and to gain only strength thereby.

To gain, too, an ever more intimate revelation of the heart of the loved one. Where can the heart of man find satisfaction as with Me?

God At Eventide – Sept 5



September 5 – Love Leaps Forward

You must keep close to Me.

Faithfulness is not merely obeying the expressed commands of My Written Word. It is the intuitive knowing of My Wish by close and intimate contact, from which has grown true understanding of Me.

Even with this knowing, faithfulness can only be possible when you are fortified with the Strength that Communion with Me gives.

If you know My slightest wish and have absorbed from Me the Strength in which to carry it out, then Love leaps forward, responsive, rejoicing in the Lord.

God At Eventide – Sept 4


September 4 – We Walk Together

Lord I would walk with Thee.

See, I set My pace to yours as a loving parent does to that of his child.

So there must be much silence in our companionship because you are not yet able to bear all the Wonder-Truth I long to impart.

But though words might find you unresponsive, you cannot fail to grow in My Presence, to grow in Grace, to grow in understanding.

So in that Rest I promised to those who come to Me, you do indeed gain the strength that comes from security in Love.

God At Eventide – Sept 3


September 3 – Your Failures Are Mine

Lord I present to Thee my failures. Only Thou couldst . . repair the harm that I have wrought.

Because you are Mine I must identify Myself with all you are. I play the harmony of which you made such discord. I sound the hope in ears you had no charm of Love to woo from sin and failure.

I lead to happier ways those you misjudged, despised.

I take your failures, and because your desire is towards Me, and you know Me as Lord, these, your failures, it is My sacrificial task to bear, to reclaim.

Step up from your slough of failure into the robe of faith and love I give you.

Be strong to save as you have known salvation, strong in Me, your ever-conquering Lord.

God At Eventide-Sept 2

September 2 – You Shall Hear

Listen to My Voice. Share all your joys and sorrows and difficulties with Me, remembering always that we share the work.

More and more souls will be sent to you to help. Be ready, attuned to My slightest whisper. There is no lack of help for My servants, but so often they are not in a receptive mood.

Listen and you shall hear is the continuation of “Ask, and you shall receive,” “Seek, and you shall find,” “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you——-“

Listen, and you shall hear..

God At Eventide-Sept 1

September 1 – It Is Enough

Listen and I will speak.

I seldom force an entrance through many voices and distracting thoughts. There must be first the coming apart and then the stilling of all else as you wait in My Presence. Is it not enough that you are with Me?

Let that sometimes suffice.

It is truly much that I speak to you. But unless My Indwelling Spirit is yours, how can you carry out My wishes and live as I would have you live?

God At Eventide – August 31


August 31 – Heaven’s Music

Lift up your heart.

Lift it up — its love and its longings, leaving fears and faults behind.

Let your heart draw its strength and vitalizing Joy and Confidence from Me, your Lord.

Let no vibration stir your being that is not in harmony with the Eternal Music of My Kingdom.