God At Eventide – January 31


January 31 – The Evening Call

Softly at even, comes the footfall of your Master.  My day has been long and weary.  Hearts that I have yearned over and longed for still withstand Me.

I see the aged, desolate without Me.  I see the disappointment of men and women, who in Me would find heart-satisfaction which others cannot give them.  I see youth crowding Me out of its work-filled, pleasure-filled days.  And yet I wait.  I knock, I plead, I call, unheard, unheeded, unwanted.

As I was the link between the Father and men, so now must My followers be the links between man and Me.

Human Love, material aid, human understanding, and friendship must bind those for whom I yearn.

Channels through which My help can flow to man truly you must be, but also the means through which man finds his groping way to Me.



O let me hear Thee speaking

    In accents clear and still,

Above the storms of passion,

    The murmurs of self-will.

O speak to reassure me,

    To hasten, or control;

O speak, and make me listen,

    Thou Guardian of my soul!

God At Eventide – January 30


January 30 – More Love

I come, a truly willing guest.  Love always draws.

Remember that.  Love is the magnetic Power of the Universe.  God is LOVE, the Power that draws all men by various ways unto Himself.

Remember that your Love too, being of God, has the same magnetic Power.  Love, and you will draw to you those whom you desire to help.

When you fail to do so, search your life.  Love is deficient.  More love is necessary.

God At Eventide – January 29


January 29 – Overcomers

Study the “Overcomeths” in the Revelation to My servant John, and you will see the tender intimacy with Me promised as a result of overcoming.  To believe is not enough.  To believe in Me does truly involve the possession of Eternal Life, but that is a trust to use as truly as the talent of My story.

It is not only a something to be enjoyed.

Eternal life is a refreshing, reforming, enriching, uprooting, ennobling Power to be employed to the full by those to whom I entrust it.

In this My servants so often fail, and so miss the wonder of Communion with Me.  Guard this Truth.

God at Eventide – January 28


January 28 – Your Defender

I am the Gift of God to man.  Only so was it possible for man to know God the Father.  Only so was it possible for man to know that he had ever an Advocate with God — the Sinless Christ.

There is always One Who understands your case, Whose appeal cannot fail to be heard.  He has the right of Sonship.  He has a right to plead for you.

If he can plead for offending man, undertaking full responsibility for him, what better Advocate could you have?  He knows.  He has seen the tears of sorrow, the heartache and temptation.  He can plead as none other.

His own temptation was so real that, conqueror as He was, He can yet feel the tenderest pity for the vanquished.  He knows how seeming fair evil can appear, and He can estimate the added burden of tainted blood, inherited weakness and sin.

He gave His only Begotten Son.  This GREAT GIFT AM I, your Friend, your Companion.  Leave all to Me, your Advocate, trained during My years on earth to plead, never for Myself, but for every one who rests his cause in My Hands.

God At Eventide – January 27


January 27 – Help For All

I have not promised My Help to the virtuous only.  To the sinner who turns to Me, to the saint who lives with Me, to both alike My miracle working Power is manifested.

Help, temporal as well as spiritual, truly I bestow, not as a reward of goodness but as a fulfillment of My pledge made to all who believe in Me.

But when one turns to Me I at once plan the rescue craved.  If that one hearing My plan, learning of My Purpose, should fail to do his appointed task in that plan, how can My healing of physical, spiritual, or temporal disharmony be manifested?

God At Eventide – January 26

January 26 – The Healing Life

I am your Lord, trust Me in all.  Never doubt My keeping Power.  Behold Me, the Lord of your life.  Gain strength from Me.

Remember that Healing, Divine Healing, is not so much a question of praying on your part, and of granting on Mine, as of living with Me, thinking of Me, sharing My Life.  That contact too makes you whole.  Go forward gladly, go forward unafraid.

God At Eventide – January 25


January 25 – My Compensations

I am listening.  Picture Me, your Lord.  Not as one deaf to your entreaties, but rather as One straining with an intensity of Love to catch the first faint cry from one of His children.

Even in the case of those who love Me, how often do I listen in vain for the spontaneous words of Love?

Do not cry to Me only when cares press and you are weary.  Speak to Me often.  Share with Me all the little happenings, all the frets, all the little glad things.

These not only draw us more closely to each other, but they are to Me compensations for the neglect I suffer from My world.

God At Eventide – Jan 24

January 24 – Have You?

I am teaching you, but not always Spiritual Truths that gladden you.

Often, too often, there has to be the word of reproof as I tell you of commands of Mine not obeyed, of resolutions made when in contact with Me that you have failed to keep, of work done for Me in no spirit of Love and Joy, of failure to obtain supply because your attitude (often not your heart)  questioned My unlimited supply.

I teach no easy lesson.

I choose no flower-bordered path in which to walk with you, but take heart that I do walk with you as with Peter of old even when he denied Me.

He had seen his sin.  He went out and wept bitterly.

God At Eventide – January 23

January 23 – Fear No Evil

I am the Lord of your life, Guardian of your inmost being, the Christ of God.  Sheltered in My Hidden Place no harm can befall you.  Pray to know this.

Let this Truth become a part of your very consciousness, that where I am no evil can be, and that therefore when you abide in Me and I in you no evil can touch you.

Spiritual Truths take sometimes many years to learn, sometimes they come in a flash of sudden revelation.

God At Eventide – January 22


January 22 – I Know All

I am the sharer of the secrets of your life.  How rich in blessing each experience may be if shared with Me alone.

How often, by much speaking and self-indulgent sharing with others, a jewel or rare beauty may be robbed of its priceless worth to your soul.  A bud of Joy and sweet perfume too rashly forced to premature bloom will lose its purity and fragrance.

Even the sharing of past sins and failures may mean self for the time in the foreground, or vitality, so needed for the present, lost.  Dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High.