God At Eventide – Oct 23

October 23 – Passing Understanding

The Peace of God that passeth all understanding.

That Peace that both fills and encircles the soul that trusts in Me. It is born of a long faith-experience that is permeated through and  through with the consciousness of the never-failing Love of a Father.

A Father Who supplies and protects, not alone because of His obligations of Fatherhood, but because of a longing, intense, enduring Love, that delights to protect and supply, and that cannot be denied.

God At Eventide – Oct 22

October 22 – The Peace Of God

The Peace of God lies deeper than all knowledge of earth’s wisest. In that quiet realm of the Spirit, where dwell all who are controlled by My Spirit, there can all secrets be revealed, all Hidden-Kingdom-Truths be shown and learned.

Live there, and Truth deeper than all knowledge shall be revealed to you.

Their lines are gone out into all the earth — so travels the influence, ever-widening, of those who live near to Me.

Take time to be with Me. Take time in prayer to draw others to Me.

Count all things but loss, so that you may have Me.

God At Eventide – Oct 21

October 21 – Absorb Good

The only way to eradicate evil is to absorb good. This is My story of the seven other spirits.

This story was to illustrate the vast difference between the Mosaic Law and My Law. The Pharisees and the Elder Brother were the observers of the Mosaic Law.

You have proved this in your own life. To pray that you may resist temptation and conquer evil is in itself but useless.

Evil cannot live in My Presence. Live with Me. Absorb My Life, and evil will remain without.

God At Eventide – Oct 20

October 20 – Force

My Kingdom must be won by force, that is, by effort. How can you reconcile this with My free gift of Salvation?

My gift is free truly, and is not the reward of any merit on the part of Man. But just as God and mammon cannot both be given the overlordship in any one life, so My Kingdom, where I rule as King, cannot be inhabited by one in whom self reigns.

Therefore the violence is that of discipline and self-conquest, together with the intensity of longing for My Kingdom and tireless effort to know and do My Will.

God At Eventide – Oct 19

October 19 – The Royal Giver

You tell Me that your hearts are full of gratitude. I do not want from you gratitude as much as the joy of friendship. Realize that I love to give.

As the Scriptures say, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” I love to give. The Divine Nature is the Nature of a Royal Giver.

Have you ever thought of My Delight when you are ready to receive? When you long to hear My Words and to receive My Blessings?

God At Eventide – Oct 18

October 18 – Grace That Transfigures

My Grace is sufficient for you, all-satisfying.

Meditate upon this GRACE. Study what the Scriptures say of it. Learn to value it. Crave it as a gift from Me.

It can be the charm that transfigures all that without it might be sordid or dreary or monotonous. It is the leaven to the dough, the oil to the machine.

It is a priceless gift. Wait with bowed head and heart at that blessing, “The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

God At Eventide – Oct 17

October 17 – See Clearly

Then will you see clearly how to take out the grain of dust from your brother’s eye. This is a promise.

You note the fault of another. You long to help.

You need the Spirit-inspired vision for this work. That cannot be granted until all obstruction is removed. Obstructions are caused not by the sins of others but by your own sins and imperfections.

So look within. Seek to conquer those, and so to gain the Spiritual insight which will enable you to help your brother. My Promises are always kept.

God At Eventide – Oct 16

October 16 – In Step

This means endeavoring to suit your steps to Mine. Yet know full well, with the trust that gives security, that I ever suit My Steps to your weakness.

Divine restraint springs ever from a tender understanding. With Me beside you there is the hope, the assurance, that the day will come when My firm tread will be yours.

“Keep pace with us,” the world says as it rushes by.

But there is One Who knows no feverish haste. He walks with you. Be not afraid.

God At Eventide – Oct 15

October 15 – The Way Of The Lord

Always before My coming into a life there must be a time of preparation. This is the work of those who already know Me.

The preparation may differ in each individual case. The Baptist came with his thunder-note of repentance!

In many cases a loving hand of help may be needed before the ground is ready for Me, The Sower.

Prepare My Way — by loving intercourse, by Spirit-led example, by tender help, by unflinching adherence to Truth and Justice, by ready self-sacrifice, and by much prayer. Prepare ye the Way of the Lord.

God At Eventide – Oct 14

October 14 – Receptivity

Only those in close touch with Me, inspired by My Spirit, infected by My Love, impregnated with My Strength, retain a resilience of being and receptivity to new Truth.

The child heart that I enjoined upon My followers is ever ready to be renewed, is ever responsive to all that is prepared for “the new creature in Christ Jesus.”