God At Eventide – July 25


July 25 – Joy in Me

Joy teaches. Joy cleans the smeared glass of your consciousness, and you see clearly.

You see Me clearly, and see more clearly the needs of those round you.

God At Eventide – July 24


July 24 – Christian Cooperators

I have always work to be done. So fit yourself for it by prayer, by contact with Me, by discipline.

Nothing is small in My sight. A simple task fittingly done may be the necessary unit in building a mighty edifice.

The bee knows nothing of its agency when fertilizing flowers for fruit-bearing.

Do not expect to see results.

The work may pass into other hands before any achievement is apparent. Enough that you are a worker with others and Me in My Vineyard.

God At Eventide – July 23

Tree Silhouette Against Starry Night Sky

July 23 – Dear Name

The murmuring of My Name in tender Love brings the unseen into the foreground of reality. It is like breathing on some surface, which brings into relief a lovely figure.

It is the Name before which evil shrinks away, shamed, powerless, defeated. Breathe it often. Not always in appeal. Sometimes in tender confidence, sometimes in Love’s consciousness. Sometimes in triumphant ecstasy.

God At Eventide – July 22


July 22 – Lend a Hand

Not once only in your lives, when I called you out to follow Me, but constantly —

Jesus calls.

In the busy day, in the crowded way, listen to the voice of your Lord and Lover calling. A call to stop and rest with Me a while. A call to restrain your impatience, a reminder that in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. A call to pause, to speak a word to one in trouble.

Perhaps to lend a hand.

God At Eventide – July 21


July 21 – Unconquerable

I will help you to conquer in the hour of temptation or difficulty. Cling to Me. Rest in My Love. Know that all is well.

Trials press, temptations assail, but remember, you can be more than conquerors through Me. Lord of all, I am. Controller of all. Keeper, Lover, Guide, Friend.

Remember that when once your hearts have said with Peter, “Thou art of the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” then upon that sure foundation of belief I raise My House, My Holy of Holies.

The gates of hell, the adverse deeds and thoughts and criticisms of the world, cannot prevail against it. More than conquerors. Conquer in the little things. Conquer in My Strength and Power.

God At Eventide – July 20


July 20 – I Will Heal You

Do not recognize your illness. Each time you speak of it to others you stabilize it.

Ignore it as much as you can. Think more of Me, the Great Healer. Dwelling with Me you become whole.

Even My most faithful followers often err in not claiming of Me healing and perfection for every part of their being.

But to claim physical healing alone is a sign of living too much on the physical plane, and My Healing is of the Spirit.

Claim healing of spirit, mind, and body. Then shall you, regardless of age, know wholeness.

God At Eventide – July 19


July 19 – Wayside Meetings

I use such simple things and casual moments to reveal Myself to man. He can meet Me in the common ways of Life — if he has but eyes to see and ears to hear.

No great sign, nothing spectacular. In a seemingly incidental along the road of life I meet with him and reveal My Will, My Purpose, My Guidance.

No miles to walk, no long journey to travel, no strange language to learn, no state of ecstasy to be experienced first. Think on these things. Recall our meetings by the wayside.

God At Eventide – July 18


July 18 – Meek and Lowly

As the world’s great Teacher I taught not only so much by word as by the Living Word.

“Learn of Me,” I said, adding that men should see in Me meekness . . . and lowliness.

So that My disciples should take Me as their great example, I epitomized My attitude towards My Father in Heaven and towards He other children as “meek and lowly.”

Towards God the Father the meekness of a yielded well; towards His other children lowliness devoid of the pride that sunders men and prevents their humble approach to God.

“Learn of Me — I am meek and lowly in heart.” So do you find rest unto your souls.

God At Eventide – July 17


July 17 – Foretaste of Heaven

I thank Thee, Lord, for the joy Thou givest me and for Thy tender care of me.

Grow ever more and more conscious of this. Look upon all as under My Influence, and life will become increasingly full of Joy. This Joy no man taketh from you.

This is the foretaste of Heaven that will make your passing seem no death, and will mean that your spirit will be no stranger in the home of spirits but will be breathing an atmosphere familiar and dear.

God At Eventide – July 16


July 16 – Confidence

Help is always yours.

It comes so swiftly when you realize that you are insufficient to supply your need. But it comes the most potently as you grow to see that for each need the supply was already provided.

My followers so often act as if My supply came into being only through prayer for help.

Would any man in authority act thus in his business?

Learn of Me. I will teach you lovingly, patiently. My lessons are not of the schoolroom; they are fireside confidences.