God At Eventide – June 17


June 17 – Bind Their Wounds

Draw from Me not only the Strength you need for yourself, but all you need for the wounded ones to whom I shall lead you. Remember no man liveth to himself. You must have Strength for others.

They will come to you in ever-increasing numbers. Will you send them empty away? Draw from Me and you will not fail them.

God At Eventide – June 16


June 16 – Down into Egypt

Down into Egypt, back into Galilee. These journeys were gladly undertaken. They meant no family upheaval, for was not the desire of that Family but to fulfill Divine Intent?

Upheavals come only when man is set on some particular way of life, and is called to forgo that.

When the fixed desire is to do the Father’s Will, then there is no real change. The leaving of home, town, country is but as the putting off a garment that has served its useful purpose.

Change is only Spiritual progress when the life is lived with Me, the Changeless One.

God At Eventide – June 15


June 15 – Down in the Valley

Do not let doubt or fear assail or depress you because of this time of anguish and failure-sense through which you have passed. No, this had to be.

Useful work lies ahead of you. Before the onset of so great a task My servant has usually to walk through the Valley of Humiliation, or in the wilderness.

If I, your Lord, before I began My Mission, had to have My forty days of temptation, how could you expect to go all unprepared to your great task?

You must taste anew the shame of unworthiness, of failure, and of nothingness before you go forth with Me conquering and to conquer.

June 15 – Glory, Glory Dawneth


I am planning for you.  Wonderful are My Ways beyond your knowledge.

Oh! realize My Bounty and My Goodness more and more.  The wonder of being led by Me!  The beauty of a guided life!

These will enter your consciousness more and more, and bring you ever more and more Joy.

You are very nearly at the point when you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.

You have entered upon a wonderful era – your lives are planned and blessed by Me as never before.

You are overcoming.  You are counting all things but loss if you can win Me.  And the promises to him that overcometh are truly wonderful, and will always be fulfilled.

When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into
 all truth … he will show you things to come.  John 16:13

God At Eventide – June 14


June 14 – The Soul Restored

Do not sorrow if, after time with Me, you cannot repeat to yourself all the lessons you have learned. Enough that you have been with Me.

Do you in need to know the history of the plant or tree to enjoy the countryside? You have inhaled pure air and been refreshed with the beauty of the landscape. Enough for the day. So, too, you have been in My Presence and found rest unto your souls.

God At Eventide – June 13


June 13 – Conquest of Fear

It is not thinking about Me, but dwelling with Me that brings perfect fearlessness.

There can be no fear where I am. Fear was conquered when I conquered all Satanic power. If all My followers knew this, and affirmed it with absolute conviction, there would be no need of armed forces to combat evil.

God At Eventide – June 12

June 12 – Spiritual Renewal


Deep life-giving draughts of My Spirit are yours. Think of the aridness, the thirst, that is unquenched till the whole unsatisfied being is age-worn.

Can you help man in any better way than by proving to him that the cleansing waters of My Spirit have power to wash away all that hinders growth, and to satisfy to the full every thirst of your nature?

God At Eventide – June 11


June 11 – Simple Obedience

Dear Lord, teach me to obey Thee in all things.

You are Mine, pledged to serve Me.

Every want of yours has been anticipated. Look back and see how each failure has been due to your not having obeyed implicitly the instructions I gave you in preparation for that task or trial.

Listening to My Voice implies obedience. I am a tender Lord of Love, but I am a Captain with whose words there must be no trifling.

You are a volunteer, not conscript, but if you expect the privileges of My Service you must render Me the obedience of that service.

The way of obedience may seem hard and dreary, but the security of My ordered life the untrained soul can never know. March in step with your Captain.

God At Eventide – June 10

June 10 – Do You Remember?


Cultivate the habit of thinking about Me. God is everywhere. My Presence is always with you, but recollection brings consciousness of that Presence and closer friendship.

Deliberately recall some event in My life, some teaching of Mine, some act of love. So you will impress Me upon your character and life.

Your learning and accomplishments are valueless without My Grace, which is sufficient for you. Leave planning to Me. Leave Me to open or close the way.

Prepare yourself for all I am preparing for you.

God At Eventide – June 9


June 9 – Set Apart

Count not these days as lost.

You have, even in this seemingly narrow life, countless opportunities for self-conquest. There is no greater task than that.

I set apart those who greatly desire to reflect Me, because there is danger that in the crowded ways, and among others, self will gain the ascendancy.

For a time, until self is recognized and conquered, you too must withdraw into the wilderness.

You are learning much, and I am your Teacher.

Come with Me into a desert place and rest a while.