God Calling – February 3


February 3 – If Man Oppose

Only believe. The walls of Jericho fell down. Was it axes or human implements that brought them down? Rather the Songs of Praise of the people and My Thought carried out in action.

All walls shall fall before you, too. There is no earth-power. It falls like a house of paper, at My miracle-working touch. Your faith and My power — the only to essentials. Nothing else is needed.

So, if Man’s petty opposition still holds good it is only because I choose to let it stand between you and what would be a mistake for you. If not — a word — a thought — from Me, and it is gone. The hearts of Kings are in My rule and governance. All men can be moved at My wish.

Rest in this certainty. Rely on Me.

Be not afraid, only believe.
Mark 5:36

God At Eventide – February 2


February 2 –  My Wages

If the world understands you, then you are speaking its language, actuated by its motives, living its life according to its standards.  Will you have this?

Remember I said very clearly, “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  If you serve God, then, for your work, you should surely look to God for reward.

So many of My servants serve Me, and yet expect to receive the gratitude and praise, or at least the acknowledgment of the world.  Why?  You are not doing the work of the world.  Why expect its pay?

God Calling – February 2


February 2 – Practice Love

Watch over and protect us.

Want of Love will block the way. You must love all. Those that fret you and those who do not.

Practice Love. It is a great lesson, and you have a great Teacher. You must love, how otherwise can you dwell in Me, when nothing unloving can come? Practice this and I will bless you exceedingly, above all you cannot only ask, but imagine.

No limit to My Power. Do all you can and leave to Me the rest. Peace will come, and Trust. Fear not, I am your Advocate, your Mediator.

And this is his commandment… love one another, 
as he gave us commandment.  1 John 3:23

God At Eventide – February 1


February 1 – All Love Excelling

Softly I approach.  Gently My Spirit speaks to your heart.

The mystery of man’s communion with Me lies in the beauty and wonder of its aloneness.  For the moment the world seems not to exist.  Its noise and traffic seem hushed.

There is indeed wonder in that stillness.  A faint glimpse is seen in the sudden realization of Love between two human beings.  Surprise and wonder . . . the world is for them alone . . . no claim other than their love.

What wonder in the heart of man when he realizes the beauty, tenderness, and closeness of Communion with Me!

God Calling – February 1

 February 1 – Another Start 

Take courage. Do not fear. Start a new life tomorrow. Put the old mistakes away, and start anew. I give you a fresh start. Be not burdened. Be not anxious. If My forgiveness were for the righteous only, and those who had not sinned, where would be its need?

Remember as I said, “To whom much is forgiven, the same loveth much.”

Why do you fret and worry so? I wait to give you all that is lovely, but your lives are soiled with worry and fret. You would crush My treasures. I can only bless glad, thankful hearts.

You must be glad and joyful.

This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind,
 and reaching forth unto those things which are before. Philippians 3:13

God At Eventide – January 31


January 31 – The Evening Call

Softly at even, comes the footfall of your Master.  My day has been long and weary.  Hearts that I have yearned over and longed for still withstand Me.

I see the aged, desolate without Me.  I see the disappointment of men and women, who in Me would find heart-satisfaction which others cannot give them.  I see youth crowding Me out of its work-filled, pleasure-filled days.  And yet I wait.  I knock, I plead, I call, unheard, unheeded, unwanted.

As I was the link between the Father and men, so now must My followers be the links between man and Me.

Human Love, material aid, human understanding, and friendship must bind those for whom I yearn.

Channels through which My help can flow to man truly you must be, but also the means through which man finds his groping way to Me.



O let me hear Thee speaking

    In accents clear and still,

Above the storms of passion,

    The murmurs of self-will.

O speak to reassure me,

    To hasten, or control;

O speak, and make me listen,

    Thou Guardian of my soul!

God Calling – January 31


January 31  – Suffering Redeems

All sacrifice and all suffering is redemptive: to teach the individual or to be used to raise and help others.

Nothing is by chance.

Divine Mind, and its wonder working, is beyond your finite mind to understand.

No detail is forgotten in My Plans, already perfect.

O let me hear Thee speaking In accents clear and still, Above the storms of passion, The murmurs of self-will.

O speak to reassure me, To hasten, or control; O speak, and make me listen, Thou guardian of my soul!

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,
saith the Lord, thoughts of
peace, and not
of evil, to give you an expected end.
Jeremiah 29:11

God At Eventide – January 30


January 30 – More Love

I come, a truly willing guest.  Love always draws.

Remember that.  Love is the magnetic Power of the Universe.  God is LOVE, the Power that draws all men by various ways unto Himself.

Remember that your Love too, being of God, has the same magnetic Power.  Love, and you will draw to you those whom you desire to help.

When you fail to do so, search your life.  Love is deficient.  More love is necessary.

God Calling – January 30

January 30  – The Soul At War

No evil can befall you, if I am with you. “Ill that He blesses is our good.” Every time of being laid aside is a time of retreat into the quiet place with Me. Never fear but in that place you shall find restoration and power and joy and healing.

Plan both of your retreat days now and then – days when you live apart with Me, and arise rested and refreshed – physically, mentally, and spiritually, to carry on the work I have given to you. I will never give you a load greater than you can bear.

Love, Joy, Peace, welcome these. Let no personal feelings, no thoughts of self banish these. Singly, they are miracle-producing in a life, but together, they can command all that is needed on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.

It is in these wonder-realm attributes all success lies. You have to see your inner lives are all they should be, and then the work is accomplished. Not in rushing and striving on the material plane, but on the battlefield of the Soul are these things won.

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common
to man: but God 
is faithful, who will not suffer you to
be tempted above
that ye are able.”
1 Corinthians 10:13

God At Eventide – January 29


January 29 – Overcomers

Study the “Overcomeths” in the Revelation to My servant John, and you will see the tender intimacy with Me promised as a result of overcoming.  To believe is not enough.  To believe in Me does truly involve the possession of Eternal Life, but that is a trust to use as truly as the talent of My story.

It is not only a something to be enjoyed.

Eternal life is a refreshing, reforming, enriching, uprooting, ennobling Power to be employed to the full by those to whom I entrust it.

In this My servants so often fail, and so miss the wonder of Communion with Me.  Guard this Truth.