God At Eventide – Nov 28

November 28 – Active But Alert

Walk very carefully in life.  It is a wonderful thing to be known as one who loves Me and seeks to follow Me, but it is also a very great responsibility.

So much that you may do, in which you are not guided by Me, may be condemned as unworthy, and a slur be cast upon My followers and My Church.

There are no moments in your life from now on which you can be free from great responsibility.  Never forget this.  My soldiers are ever on active service.

God At Eventide – Nov 27

November 27 – Spirit Of Adventure

The path has been tried, every step has been planned with a view to your progress.  Never test your work by what others can accomplish, or by what they leave undone.  Yours to master the task I have set you.  Go forward in My Strength and in the Spirit of Adventure.

Undreamed of heights can be attained in this way.  Never question your capability.  That has been for Me to decide.  No experienced Leader would set a follower a task beyond his Power.  Trust Me, your Leader.

The World would have been won for Me ere this had My followers been dauntless, inspired by their faith in Me.  It is not humility to hesitate to do the great task I set.  It is a lack of faith in Me.

To wait to feel strong is cowardly.  My strength is provided for the task, but I do not provide it for the period of hesitancy before you begin.

How much of My Work goes undone through lack of faith.  Again and again might it be said — “He did not many mighty works through this follower’s unbelief.”

God At Eventide – Nov 26

November 26 – Complete Obedience

Walk in My Way.

My Way is that of doing, not only of accepting, the Father’s Will.

Submitting to that Will, however gladly you may do so, is not enough.

Your work and influence for Me are hindered if your life is not one of complete obedience.  “By the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.”

Where would your salvation have been had I faltered and wavered in MY task?

It was by the obedience of My earth-life I saved; and so must it be with you.

God At Eventide – Nov 25

November 25 – Green Pastures

Walk in My Pastures.  The eye will be rested and the spirit restored by the soft green of their verdure.  The ear soothed and then enchanted by the sound of My Waters of Comfort.

No stones will impede your progress.

The soft haze over all will speak of unrevealed mysteries, while the wonder of life about you will tell of My ever-active, creative, and protective Power, and you will be filled with a content that will merge into a strange yearning for a spirit-oneness with Me.

Then — you will know I am there.

God At Eventide – Nov 24

November 24 – Eternal Calm

Remember that you live in Eternity, not time.  Let there be no rush to do this or that.

It follows that for each task Eternity is yours.

How often, and how sadly, impotent haste has hindered, not hastened, the work of My Kingdom.

Live more quietly, bathed in the calm of Eternity.  Feel this before you leave My Presence.

No fevered haste to work My Will.  You must go forth in God’s Great Calm.

There was no haste in His Creative Plan.  Do you not feel the Strength of Calmness that lies behind God’s work in Nature?  Rest and know.

God At Eventide – Nov 23

November 23 – When Misunderstood

Wait upon Me.

Wait until My strength has filled your being, and you are no longer weak, petty, “misunderstood.”

Rise above any fret as to how others may judge you.  Leave Me to explain what I will of you and your actions.

Would you seek to follow a Christ Who had wasted His God-Power on fruitless explanations?

So with you.  Leave Me to vindicate you, and to be your Advocate, or trust My silence in this as in all else.

God At Eventide – Nov 22

November 22 – The Look Of The Lover

How few wait on Me.

Many pray to Me.

They come into My Presence feverish with wants and distress, but few wait there for that calm and strength that contact with Me would give.

Look unto Me and be ye saved.  But the look was not meant to be a hurried glance.  It was to be the look into My face of the lover beholding the Beloved.

God At Eventide – Nov 21

November 21 – Be Glad In The Lord

Wait before Me with a song of praise in your hearts.  Sing unto Me a new song.  There will always be something in each day for which to thank Me.

Acknowledge every little happening as a revelation of My Love and thought for you.  Praise has the power to wash away the bitterness of life.  Be glad in the Lord.

Rejoice evermore.  Great is the heart’s “Thank You.”  As you learn to thank Me more and more you will more and more see Me in the little happenings, and increasingly see much about which to rejoice.  Praise and thanksgiving are the preservers of youth.

God At Eventide – Nov 20

November 20 – Watchful Expectancy

Wait before Me, in humble, silent anticipation.  Wait in entire and childlike obedience.  Wait as a servant anticipating his master’s orders and wants.

Wait as a lover eager to note the first suggestions of a need, and to hasten to supply it.  Wait for My orders and commands.  Wait for My Guidance, My Supply.

Well indeed in such a life may you be of good cheer.  Can a life be dull and dreary when always there is that watchful expectancy, always that anticipation of glad surprise, always wonder of fulfillment, Joy of supply?

God At Eventide – Nov 19

November 19 – Check Up

Turn out all of your self that would rebel against My sway.  Know no other rule.

Check your actions and motives habitually.  Those that are actuated by self-esteem or self-pity — condemn.

Discipline yourself ruthlessly rather than let self gain any ascendancy.  Your aim is to oust it, and to serve and follow Me only.