God At Eventide – July 12


July 12 – Your Order of Merit

Grace is the distinctive mark I set upon My friends.

It is no order of merit. It is the result of living with Me. It is even unobserved by those on whom I bestow it, but to those they meet who have eyes to see, it is apparent, just as during My time on earth it was said, “They took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus.”

It may be the sign of My sustaining Power within a life. It may be the quiet strength of poise, the mark of self-conquest, some faint reflection of My character, or a mystic scent of the soul unfolding to My Love.

God At Eventide – July 11


July 11 – More Doors Will Open

Go on in faith and trust. The Way opens as you go. In the Christian Life doors swing open as you come to them, if so be that you have advanced to them along the straight path of obedience.

As you started your journey, what would it have profited had you worried about the closed door ahead?

In the Spirit-Life miracle-working Power operates through natural human channels. As you have seen.

So this is the continuing lesson: Go steadily foreword in firm trust along the path of the quiet obedience.

That is your work. Mine to cause the doors to swing open, as you come to them, not before.

How often have I opened those doors for you in the past? More will open. So trust, so hope, so love.

God At Eventide – July 10


July 10 – Your Heart is Fixed

Still go forward unafraid. The way will open as you go.

It is fear that blocks My way for you. Have no fear. Know that all is well.

No circumstances, no outward changes, can harm you in any way. Each should prove a step of progress, as long as your hearts are fixed “trusting in the Lord.”

I know no change.

God At Eventide – July 9


July 9 – Upheld

Go forward unafraid.

Face each difficulty, however great and seemingly unconquerable, as you go forward towards it.

The strength you will require from Me for that adventure into danger, as it may seem to you, will fortify you for its overcoming.

“Fear thou not to, for I am with thee, Be not afraid for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee, I will help thee, Yea, I will uphold thee with the right arm of My Righteousness.”

God At Eventide – July 8


July 8 – Remember Me

Give me a constant remembrance of Thee.

Ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. But only if the heart desires what the lips express. “The Lord looketh on the heart.”

You will grow into the true attitude of remembrance of Me as you learn more and more to attribute all your blessings, all your guidance, to My increasing care; to the mind of your Master behind all, inspiring all, controlling all, the source of all your good.

God At Eventide – July 7


July 7 – Love’s Growth

Learn from Nature the profusion of her gifts.

As you daily realize more and more the generosity of the Divine Giver, learn increasingly to give.

Love grows by giving.

You cannot give bountifully without being filled with a sense of giving yourself with a gift, and you cannot so give without Love passing from you to the one who receives.

You are conscious, not of yourself as generous, but of the Divine Giver as bounteous beyond all human words to express.

So Love flows into you with an intensity that is both humbling and exalting as Love flows from you with your gift.

God At Eventide – July 6


July 6 – Listen Carefully

My poor deaf world. What it misses in loving Words and Whispers.

I want to share so much with it. It will not listen.

“Wherefor do you spend money for that which is not bread and your labour for that which satisfieth not. Harken diligently unto Me and eat that which is good and let your Soul delight itself . . .”

“He that willeth to do My Will — shall know.”

Whose Voice would you hear? So many voices are about you that you may miss the Still Small Voice.

“This is My Beloved — Hear Him.”

God At Eventide -July 4


July 4 – Break Free

For by whom a man is overcome . . . he is the slave.

I cut the bonds of sin which bound you to evil. With loving Hands I replaced each with my cords of Love, which bound you to Me, your Lord.

The power of evil is subtle. A cut cord, a snapped cord, would awaken your slumbering conscience, but strand by strand, so carefully, with gentleness cunningly acquired, evil works until a cord is free. Even then the work is slow, but oh, so sure, until presently the old bond I severed is binding you to evil, strand by strand.

Snap off these returning fetters. Satan hath desire to have you that he may sift you as wheat. He works with an efficiency My servants would do well to copy. He has marked you as one who will increasingly bring souls to Me.

God At Eventide – July 3


July 3 – Hiding in Thee

Follow Me, and whether it be in the storm, or along the dusty highroad, or over the places of stones, or in the cool glade or the meadow, or by the waters of comfort, then, with Me, in each experience there will be a place of refuge.

At times you seem to follow afar off. Then weary with the burden and the way, you stretch out a hand to touch the hem of My Garment.

Suddenly there is no dust, no weariness. You have found Me. My child, even if it seems unprofitable, continue your drudgery, whether it be of spiritual, mental, or physical effort. Truly it serves its turn if it but lead you to seek help from Me.

God At Eventide – July 2


July 2 – Dangerous Power

Do you not see how unnecessary is your learning the method of Spirit-attack? There must be a certain root-faith and Me, or you could not trust yourself to perfect surrender to Me. But there must come to those who walk all the way with Me, a yielding of their wills and lives wholly to Me, or the greater faith that results would be a source of danger. It would drag you back to the material plane, instead of to Spiritual Heights.

For unless your will is wholly Mine, you will rely on this new God-given Power, and call into being that which is not for the furtherance of My Kingdom.