God At Eventide – June 12

June 12 – Spiritual Renewal


Deep life-giving draughts of My Spirit are yours. Think of the aridness, the thirst, that is unquenched till the whole unsatisfied being is age-worn.

Can you help man in any better way than by proving to him that the cleansing waters of My Spirit have power to wash away all that hinders growth, and to satisfy to the full every thirst of your nature?

God At Eventide – June 11


June 11 – Simple Obedience

Dear Lord, teach me to obey Thee in all things.

You are Mine, pledged to serve Me.

Every want of yours has been anticipated. Look back and see how each failure has been due to your not having obeyed implicitly the instructions I gave you in preparation for that task or trial.

Listening to My Voice implies obedience. I am a tender Lord of Love, but I am a Captain with whose words there must be no trifling.

You are a volunteer, not conscript, but if you expect the privileges of My Service you must render Me the obedience of that service.

The way of obedience may seem hard and dreary, but the security of My ordered life the untrained soul can never know. March in step with your Captain.

God At Eventide – June 10

June 10 – Do You Remember?


Cultivate the habit of thinking about Me. God is everywhere. My Presence is always with you, but recollection brings consciousness of that Presence and closer friendship.

Deliberately recall some event in My life, some teaching of Mine, some act of love. So you will impress Me upon your character and life.

Your learning and accomplishments are valueless without My Grace, which is sufficient for you. Leave planning to Me. Leave Me to open or close the way.

Prepare yourself for all I am preparing for you.

God At Eventide – June 9


June 9 – Set Apart

Count not these days as lost.

You have, even in this seemingly narrow life, countless opportunities for self-conquest. There is no greater task than that.

I set apart those who greatly desire to reflect Me, because there is danger that in the crowded ways, and among others, self will gain the ascendancy.

For a time, until self is recognized and conquered, you too must withdraw into the wilderness.

You are learning much, and I am your Teacher.

Come with Me into a desert place and rest a while.

God At Eventide – June 8


June 8 – Perennial Youth

Count all well lost, all other work well foregone, to rest apart with Me.

From these times you go out strengthened, glad, full of Life-giving Joy — My Joy that you can never find anywhere else but with Me, the Joy-giving Christ.

Let others sense this Joy. More than any words this will show them the priceless gain of life with Me.

You shall truly find that there is no age in My Kingdom, in My Companionship.

God At Eventide – June 7


June 7 – Lose Life’s Sting

Submit yourself entirely to My Control, My Kingship; then the sting is taken out of life’s rebuffs.

Welcome each contact as of My planning. Be ready to widen your circle of influence at My wish. Do not let age or other limitations daunt you.

Trust Me. Can I not judge your fitness for the task I give you? Have not I a Love for your acquaintances as well as for you?

Do not question My decisions. All is planned in Love for all My children. Only self-will can hinder the carrying out of the Divinely conceived plan.

Work gladly, knowing all needed wisdom shall be provided, also all needed material to do My Work.

God At Eventide – June 6


June 6 – True Joys

Continue ye in My Love. Seek nothing for yourself, only what you can use for Me. Rely on Me for all. Be meek, not only towards Me but towards others. Love to serve. Have no fear. Seek to be true in all. Be full of Joy.

The world wants to see Joy, not in the thrills of worldly pleasures and dissipations, but in the beauty of Holiness. In the ecstasy of peaceful safety with Me. In the thrill of adventure My true followers know, in the satisfaction that self-conquest gives.

Let your world see that you are steadfast, immovable.

God At Eventide – June 5


June 5 – Delve Further

Examine yourself. Ask Me and I will show you what you are doing wrong — if only you will listen humbly and be unreservedly determined to do My Will.

God At Eventide – June 4


June 4 – Delve

Consider the Truths of My Kingdom as well worth all search, all sacrifice. Dig down into the soil. Dig when it means toil, fatigue.

Above and below the ever-present material you must look for My Hidden Treasure. It is not what you say, but what you perceive, that will influence other lives.

My Spirit will communicate this to you and also to those round you. So for their sakes delve.

God At Eventide – June 3


June 3 – Praise for Everything

Confidence must be the finishing chord of every contact between you and Me. Joyful confidence. You must end upon the Joy-note.

The union between a soul and Me is attained in its beauty and complete satisfaction only when in every incident that soul achieves praise.

Love and laugh and thank Me all the time.