God At Eventide – June 3


June 3 – Praise for Everything

Confidence must be the finishing chord of every contact between you and Me. Joyful confidence. You must end upon the Joy-note.

The union between a soul and Me is attained in its beauty and complete satisfaction only when in every incident that soul achieves praise.

Love and laugh and thank Me all the time.

God At Eventide – June 2


June 2 – Shake Free

Come unto Me . . . and I will give you rest.

Rest in the midst of work. Heart-rest in the knowledge of My keeping Power.

Feel that rest stealing into your being. Incline your ear and come unto Me, hear and your soul shall live. Grow in strength, not overgrown by cares.

Let not the difficulties of life, like weeds, choke the rest of your soul, choke and tether the soaring freedom of your spirit.

Rise above these earth-bonds into newness of life, abundant and victorious. Rise.

God At Eventide – June 1



Character-change comes by doing My Will in days when you see no Vision and hear no Voice.

Never leave the path of strict observance of all you were told to do when you saw Me and spoke to Me on the Mount. If you do you walk into serious danger.

These dull days are your practice days. Difficulties appear, failure seems inevitable. But all is necessary, so that you may learn to adapt your life to the teaching I have given you, may realize your own weakness, develop obedience and perseverance, without waiting for further instruction and inspiration.

Persevere with patience. I guide you still, for I am with you when you do not realize My Presence.

More faith will come through the confidence arising from experience.

God At Eventide – May 31


Into My Likeness

“Changed . . . from Glory to Glory.”  Changed from one character to another.  Each change marking as it were a milestone on the Spiritual Highway.

The Beauty of the view you see in the distance is the realization of My character, My Glory, towards which with varying pace you are hourly progressing.

The way to secure better progress is to keep your gaze on your goal.  Not on the road you traverse, assuredly not on the way by which you have come.  Your goal is that Glory or Character that you see more and more clearly in Me, your Lord and Master.

“It doth not yet appear what you shall be, but know that when I shall appear (that is to you, to your sight, when you see Me), you shall be like Me, for you shall see Me as I am.”

God At Eventide – May 30


See Clear

Your power to help your brother does not depend upon him. It is in your own hands.  It is conditional upon your casting out the beam out of your own eye.

Attack not your brother’s faults but your own.

As you eradicate those you discover where your brother needs help, and you acquire the power to give him that help to conquer and to eradicate his faults.

God At Eventide – May 29


Care for Cares

Casting all your care upon Him, for He hath care of you.

How precious these words.  Care, attention, and the Love which prompts them, are all to indicated here, as also the most tender provision.

You are not told to put your worries away merely so that you may forget about them, but to cast them upon God.  That is different: They will be dealt with.

Difficulties will be cleared away, mistakes rectified, weaknesses remedied, diseases healed, problems solved.

God At Eventide – May 28


Care for All

Realize My overflowing and overwhelming Bounty.  The stores of the Lord are inexhaustible, but to test My generosity to the full you must be generous.

My lovers give with no niggard hands.



noun: niggard; plural noun: niggards
  1. 1.
    a stingy or ungenerous person.
adjective: niggard
  1. 1.
    archaic term for niggardly.

God At Eventide – May 27

E_EA2Home of Content

Can you not trust My supply?

All is yours.  Could I plan your journey, your way of life, your work and not count the cost?

Can you not trust Me even as you would trust an earthly friend?  Live in My Kingdom and then the supply of the Kingdom is yours.

I wish you to learn the Glory of a God-protected life.

No idle, fruitless rushing hither and thither.

Storms may rage, difficulties press hard, but you will know no harm . . . safe, protected, and guided.

Love knows no fear.

God At Eventide – May 26


A Day At A Time

The problems of tomorrow cannot be solved without the experience of today.

There is a plan for your lives dependent upon the faithful work of each day.  You frustrate that plan if you leave today’s task  incomplete, while you bestir and fret yourself over tomorrow’s happenings.

You will never learn the Law of Supply if you do this, and the learning of that Law is the lesson for now.

God At Eventide – May 25


New Temptations

You will find that as you grow in Grace evil forces are more ready to hinder your work and influence.

Walk warily, watchfully.

Always see that there is a new discipline to become a part of your armor, for as you progress new temptations will present themselves.

In rarefied air there are subtle dangers unknown in the valley or on the lower sides of the mountain.  Many a disciple fails because he is not aware of the mountain dangers.