God At Eventide – April 2


Resurrection Preparation

I am the Master of the Universe. Accept My ordered Word. When you do this in joyful sincerity, you link yourself with all creative force of the universe.

My Spirit can then be operative, first in you and then through you.

My followers forget that the scourging at the pillar, the Divine control (“He answered never a word”) and the Cross, the man- rejected, man-forsaken, all these preceded the Resurrection.

Without these there could have been no Resurrection. These steps in Spirit-conquest had to be, before My all-powerful, Divine Spirit could be released to be forever available for those who would hear My Call, and would will to walk in My Way.

God At Eventide – April 1


The Time of Resurrection

Spring brings its message of Hope.

Not only does it proclaim the Truth that Nature arises from her time of decay and darkness to a new life. But, My children, it surely speaks to the individual, to nations, to My world, that the time of decay and darkness for them too can pass, and that from conflict and storm, disaster and sin they can spring to a new and gladdening Resurrection-Life.

But Nature obeys My Laws. It is by her obedience that the quickening of new life is succeeded by the beauty of Risen Power.

So, only as man obeys My Will and works according to My Divine Plan for him can harmony follow chaos, peace follow war, and a reign of Love succeed one of conflict and carnage.

God At Eventide – March 31


The Wrong Voice

I am the Great Teacher, so ready to explain the simplest lesson to the most ignorant.

It is not for you to seek everywhere explanations of Me and My Kingdom, its laws and its purposes.

Learn of Me. How often I would have spoken to some heart, but the voice of one too eager with explanations about Me crowded Me out.

When Andrew brought Simon to Me he was silent to let his brother learn of Me.

The reason for this crowding out of My Voice by My disciples is their unwillingness to believe that I do speak today. So, thinking they worship a silent Christ, they seek to make amends by their much speaking.

“To Thee our morning song of praise,
To Thee our evening prayer we raise.”

God At Eventide – March 30


The Love of Your Life

I am beside you. I am with you in all that you do. I control your thoughts, inspire your impulses, guide your footsteps.

I strengthen you, body, mind, and spirit.
I am the link between you and those who are in the Unseen.
I am the Love of your lives.
Controller of your destinies.
Guardian, advocate, provider, Friend.

Yes, love Me more and more. So will you not only enjoy to the full the treasures and pleasures of My Kingdom, but increasingly those of Nature, My gift to My world.

God At Eventide – March 29


The True Sign

How many believed on My Name after seeing the signs which I did?

Not for the signs, not for the water made wine, not for My miracles will My true follower believe in Me.

No, for something deeper, seen only with the eyes of faith, realized only by a heart of love responding to My Heart of Love. Not of these must it be said, “I do not trust Myself unto them” as I did of those who saw My signs.

I must trust Myself and My Cause to My followers who see me with the eyes of faith. How else can I be loved and known?

They will meet Me, the outcast Savior, when I am performing no mighty deeds, wandering unheeded and unacclaimed through dark and lonely ways, and they will pause, all other pursuit forgotten, and will yet turn and follow Me.

Follow because of some chord in them responsive to the yearning of My Heart for Man, who has shut Me out. Follow, too, because of that in Me which is responsive to the cry of man’s hungering soul.

God At Eventide – March 28

beaver island sunset 018

In Eternity Now

Heirs of God. Joint heirs with Me of Eternal Life, if so be that you suffer with Me, that we may also be glorified together.

Glory denotes perfection of character. This can only be learned as you allow discipline to play its part in your life, and also as you entrust your sinful past to Me.

Perfect through suffering. You cannot escape discipline and be truly My disciple.

If you think that life is too short for all you have to do and to conquer, then remember that you have already entered upon ETERNITY.

God At Eventide – March 27


Spirits in Training

Go on along the highway of the Kingdom until all that comes, that touches your outward lives and circumstances, has no power to ruffle your spirit-calm. Make it a delight so to train yourselves.

Why does man rebel at aught that should teach him poise of spirit, whilst in the physical world he welcomes severe exercise that would increase his powers?

The children of this world are surely wiser in their generation than the children of light. If My Children of Light gave to their spirit and character-training all the care that the children of this world give to the body — its feeding, its clothing, its wellbeing — how rapid would their spiritual progress be!

Yet how little does the body matter compared with the growth of the Spirit. “Fear not them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul.”

God At Eventide – March 26


Waagosh Ankwad.  In Ojibwe, it means Fox Cloud

Keep Step

Go forward, glad indeed.

Walk with Me until your faltering, flagging footsteps learn to keep in step with Me, and gain a firmness and a confidence unknown before.

Walk with Me until a gladsome rhythm reveals the conquest-spirit that you draw from Me and your whole being thrills with the joy of being, doing, and even suffering with Me.

Thus in loving Communion with Me you learn to know my needs and My wishes for others.

“Hear am I, Lord, send me” shows very surely a child-like eagerness, the eagerness of love, even the eagerness for adventure for My cause

For in My Secret Service there is surely the thrill of adventure.

God At Eventide – March 25


Sift Your Motives

Walk in My Ways. Follow the path I have bidden you tread.

Humble yourselves before Me, and keep My laws, so shall you have perfect peace.

I am with you to give you the needed strength. Go forward unafraid. Grow in Grace, and in the knowledge of Me, your Master and your Friend. Count all the learning of earth’s wisest as nothing compared with the wisdom that I, your Lord, would show you.

Love and learn. You have much, very much to do for My Kingdom. So seek to become perfect. Sift your motives. All that is unworthy cast aside, uproot its inner growth.

You are freely forgiven. Forgive freely, largely, wonderfully.

God at Eventide – March 22


Love’s Overflow

I desire the love of man’s heart in abundant measure.

Not because God would be adored for Himself and for His own gratification, but because I know that only as the love of man flows out to Me does man attain to his purest and best.

That rush of love, which follows the understanding and realization of My Love for man, sweetens and purifies his whole being.

“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

The love you give to your neighbor is the overflow of your love to me.