God At Eventide – April 7


Bear Reproach Gladly

Rest unto your souls is found at My Feet. The place of rest is the place of humility.

When you rejoice to serve humbly, when you are content for men to think ill of you, when you can bear reproach and scorn gladly, then what can disturb the gladness of your soul, its rest?

No unrest can assail and hurt the soul that has not its spring in self. That self must be nailed to My Cross, that self must die before you can truly say –“I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”

God At Eventide – April 6


The Veil Has Gone

And the veil of the Temple was rent in twain, from the top to the bottom.

The veil that had hidden God from the knowledge and sight of man is at last removed.

I, God and man, had torn away the veil separating God the Father, and man, My brother. I came to reveal my Father to man, and I live, ever live, to make intercession to the Father for man. I am the Great Mediator between God and man, the Man, Christ JESUS.

God At Eventide – April 5



Agony and heartache, pain and loneliness, such as no human being has ever known, were the price of your redemption.

Truly you are not your own.

You are bought with the price. You belong to Me.

You are Mine to use, Mine to love, Mine to provide for.

Man does not understand the infinite Love of the Divine. Man teaches that as I bought him, so he has to serve, obey, and live for me.

He fails to understand that because he is Mine, bought by Me, it is My responsibility to supply his every need. His part is to realize My ownership and to claim My Love and Power.

God At Eventide – April 4


Sharing My Burden

Remember the Truth that you are learning, even now, though dimly.

In Eternal Life there are no time-limits. So My sacrifice was for you today, this hour, as truly as ever it was for those who watched Me on Calvary. I am the changeless One. The same yesterday and forever. Sacrificing Myself today, rising today. You then, once you embrace Eternal Life, enter into My Suffering, and help to carry My Cross, as truly today as if you had walked beside Me to Calvary.

God At Eventide – April 3


See Them Free

If I bore the sins of all in My agonized Heart in the Garden of Gethsemane and on Calvary, then when you seek to punish others whom you despise, you punish and despise Me.

My throwing aside the grave-clothes, and My stepping out into that sunlit Garden on Easter Morn were symbolic of the freedom I had bought for My children, and which they would know in Me.

Are you seeking to bind the grave-clothes round Me? When you recognize a man’s sins you must go further always and see him as free, the grave-clothes of sin and limitation cast aside; the stone, that shut out his Vision of Love and God, rolled away; he, the risen man, walking in My Strength, and conquering in My Power.

God At Eventide – April 2


Resurrection Preparation

I am the Master of the Universe. Accept My ordered Word. When you do this in joyful sincerity, you link yourself with all creative force of the universe.

My Spirit can then be operative, first in you and then through you.

My followers forget that the scourging at the pillar, the Divine control (“He answered never a word”) and the Cross, the man- rejected, man-forsaken, all these preceded the Resurrection.

Without these there could have been no Resurrection. These steps in Spirit-conquest had to be, before My all-powerful, Divine Spirit could be released to be forever available for those who would hear My Call, and would will to walk in My Way.

God At Eventide – April 1


The Time of Resurrection

Spring brings its message of Hope.

Not only does it proclaim the Truth that Nature arises from her time of decay and darkness to a new life. But, My children, it surely speaks to the individual, to nations, to My world, that the time of decay and darkness for them too can pass, and that from conflict and storm, disaster and sin they can spring to a new and gladdening Resurrection-Life.

But Nature obeys My Laws. It is by her obedience that the quickening of new life is succeeded by the beauty of Risen Power.

So, only as man obeys My Will and works according to My Divine Plan for him can harmony follow chaos, peace follow war, and a reign of Love succeed one of conflict and carnage.

God At Eventide – March 31


The Wrong Voice

I am the Great Teacher, so ready to explain the simplest lesson to the most ignorant.

It is not for you to seek everywhere explanations of Me and My Kingdom, its laws and its purposes.

Learn of Me. How often I would have spoken to some heart, but the voice of one too eager with explanations about Me crowded Me out.

When Andrew brought Simon to Me he was silent to let his brother learn of Me.

The reason for this crowding out of My Voice by My disciples is their unwillingness to believe that I do speak today. So, thinking they worship a silent Christ, they seek to make amends by their much speaking.

“To Thee our morning song of praise,
To Thee our evening prayer we raise.”

God At Eventide – March 29


The True Sign

How many believed on My Name after seeing the signs which I did?

Not for the signs, not for the water made wine, not for My miracles will My true follower believe in Me.

No, for something deeper, seen only with the eyes of faith, realized only by a heart of love responding to My Heart of Love. Not of these must it be said, “I do not trust Myself unto them” as I did of those who saw My signs.

I must trust Myself and My Cause to My followers who see me with the eyes of faith. How else can I be loved and known?

They will meet Me, the outcast Savior, when I am performing no mighty deeds, wandering unheeded and unacclaimed through dark and lonely ways, and they will pause, all other pursuit forgotten, and will yet turn and follow Me.

Follow because of some chord in them responsive to the yearning of My Heart for Man, who has shut Me out. Follow, too, because of that in Me which is responsive to the cry of man’s hungering soul.

God At Eventide – March 28

beaver island sunset 018

In Eternity Now

Heirs of God. Joint heirs with Me of Eternal Life, if so be that you suffer with Me, that we may also be glorified together.

Glory denotes perfection of character. This can only be learned as you allow discipline to play its part in your life, and also as you entrust your sinful past to Me.

Perfect through suffering. You cannot escape discipline and be truly My disciple.

If you think that life is too short for all you have to do and to conquer, then remember that you have already entered upon ETERNITY.