God At Eventide-July 31

July 31 – All in Order

He ordered my goings.

Guidance first, but more than that, Divine order in your life, your home, all your affairs.

Order in all. Attain spiritual order first. The perfect calm which can be realized only by a soul that abides in My Secret Place.

Then the mental order of a mind which is stayed on Me and has the sanity and poise of a mind so stayed.

Then truly must order manifest itself in your surroundings.

Each task will be entered upon with prayer, as a Divine Commission, and carried through without haste, in the utter contentment.

God At Eventide-July 30

July 30 – Real Influence

Do not let one single link of influence go.

Cords of true love and interest must never be broken. They must always be used for ME. Pray for those to whom you are bound by particular ties, then you will be ready, should I desire your special help for them.

You must withstand as a sinner with a sinner before you can save him. Even I had to hang between two thieves to save My world.

God At Eventide-July 29

July 29 – See the Lovable

Do not try to force yourself to love others. Come to Me. Learn to love Me more and more, to know Me more, and little by little you will see your fellowman as I see him. Then you, too, will love him.

Not only with the Love of Me, which makes you desire to serve him, but you will see the lovable in him, and love that.

God At Eventide-July 28

July 28 – Stupendous Truth

The world can be overcome only by belief in Me, and in the knowledge that I am the Son of God. This is a stupendous Truth.

Use that as your lever for removing every mountain of difficulty and evil. Be cautious in all things and await My Guidance. Commune much with Me.

The truth of My God-head, of My All-Power, creative, redemptive, erosive of evil, must permeate your whole consciousness, and affect your attitude in every situation, toward every problem.

God At Eventide-July 27

July 27 – Judge Not

Human nature is so complex. You can hardly, even in your most enlightened moments, tell what motive prompted this or that action of your own.

How, then, can you judge of another, of whose nature you have so little understanding? And to misjudge of what in another may have been prompted by the Spirit of God, is to misjudge God’s Spirit.

Can any sin be greater than that? False judgment sent Me to the Cross!

God At Eventide-July 26

July 26 – Perfect Yourself

Perfect as My Father in Heaven is perfect.

That means a life-struggle, and unending growth. Always as you progress, a greater perception of My Father. More struggles and growth. Above all a growing need of Me and My sustaining help.

I came to found a Kingdom of Progressive growth. Alas, how many of My followers think that all they have to do is to accept Me as Savior. That is a first step only.

Heaven itself is no place for stagnation. It is indeed a place of progress. You will need Eternity to understand Eternal Mind.

Be Perfect – But How?    by Derek Prince
Read it free, by permission of Derek Prince Ministries

God At Eventide-July 24

July 24 – Christian Cooperators

I have always work to be done. So fit yourself for it by prayer, by contact with Me, by discipline.

Nothing is small in My sight. A simple task fittingly done may be the necessary unit in building a mighty edifice.

The bee knows nothing of its agency when fertilizing flowers for fruit-bearing.

Do not expect to see results.

The work may pass into other hands before any achievement is apparent. Enough that you are a worker with others and Me in My Vineyard.

God At Eventide-July 23

July 23 – Dear Name

The murmuring of My Name in tender Love brings the unseen into the foreground of reality. It is like breathing on some surface, which brings into relief a lovely figure.

It is the Name before which evil shrinks away, shamed, powerless, defeated. Breathe it often. Not always in appeal. Sometimes in tender confidence, sometimes in Love’s consciousness. Sometimes in triumphant ecstasy.

God At Eventide-July 22

July 22 – Lend a Hand

Not once only in your lives, when I called you out to follow Me, but constantly —

Jesus calls.

In the busy day, in the crowded way, listen to the voice of your Lord and Lover calling. A call to stop and rest with Me a while. A call to restrain your impatience, a reminder that in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. A call to pause, to speak a word to one in trouble.

Perhaps to lend a hand.