God At Eventide – May 7


May 7 – Clouds and Rain

See My goodness in the clouds and rain, as well as in the sunshine of life.  Both express so wonderfully the goodness and love of your Lord.

Just as the shady glade, the cool riverside, the mountaintop, the blazing highway, all meet the varying needs of man.

God At Eventide – May 6


May 6 – The Fertile Glade

Seek and you shall find.

As a mother hiding from her child puts herself in the way of being found, so with Me.  So the finding of Me and of the treasures of My Kingdom may not always depend upon ardent intent securing attainment, but upon the mere setting out on the quest.

Is this a comfort to you?

When you set out upon a time of seeking, I place Myself in your way, and the sometime arid path of prayer becomes a fertile glade in which you are surprised to find your search so soon over.  Thus mutual Joy.

God At Eventide – May 4


May 4 – The Acceptable Gift

Rest in My Love.  Abide in Me.

Leave all to follow Me — your pride, your self-sufficiency, your fears of what others may think — All.

Have no fear.  Go forth into the unknown with Me, fearful of nothing with so sure a convoy.

Just as a flower, given as an offering to a loved one, so is your tribute of love to Me.

As Mary gave her Love-offering, spikenard very precious, so give to Me your love and understanding.

God At Eventide – May 3


May 3 – Useless Activity

Preparation time is so neglected by My followers.  Consequently there is lack of power in work for Me.

To alter the laws of a country is no real remedy for ill.  Men’s hearts must be altered by contact with Me.

Remember the lessons I have taught you about useless activity.  When most work cries out to be done, then it is truly the time — not to rush, but to Commune with Me and My Father.

Never feel strong in yourself.  Know that only in My Strength can you accomplish all.  No mountain of difficulty can then be insurmountable or immovable.

God At Eventide – May 2


May 2 – Peace Unto Your Soul

Peace I leave with you, My Peace give I unto you.

I knew that only in Peace could My work be done.  Only in Peace could My followers help souls to Me.  At all costs keep that Peace.  If your heart-peace is unruffled, then every thought is a mighty force for ME.  Then every act is one of power.

Rely on My leading.  Nothing is impossible to Me.

Unlimited expectancy yours.  Unlimited power Mine.

God At Eventide – May 1


May 1 – Bounteous Giving

Not what you can gain in any situation, but what you can give must be your question. You follow Me, of Whom it was said, “Even Christ pleased not Himself.”  So love, so help, so serve.
Seek the weak and wandering.  Care for all.
Realize My overflowing and overwhelming Bounty.  The stores of the Lord are inexhaustible.  But to test and prove My generosity fully you must be generous.

My lovers give with no niggard hands.  A heart overflowing with gratitude for what it has received expends joyous gratitude in giving.

God At Eventide – April 30


April 30 – My First Missionary

My denunciations were for the self-satisfied.

For the sinner, who felt his failure and weakness, I had the tenderest pity. “Go, and sin no more,” was My Word to the woman taken in adultery.

But what a Word of hope that was, revealing as it did the assurance that I trusted her not to fall into sin again. That I deemed her capable of a new life.

The Samaritan woman at Sychar’s well I trusted with a secret that even My disciples had not shared fully with Me. She was one of My first missionaries.

I recognize too the wealth of love in the offering of the woman who was a sinner. There was no public denunciation of her sin, no repulse of her love.

“Holy Father, cheer our way
With Thy love’s perpetual ray;
Grant us every closing day,
Light at evening time.”

God At Eventide – April 29


April 29 – No Message, But —

My child, wait before Me.

You may receive no message, but in this waiting time, even if you are not conscious of being taught, you are being changed.

The eye of your soul will be focused upon Me and the insight gained will be calming, remedial, strengthening.

God At Eventide – April 28


April 28 – Overshadowing Wings

My child, you are tired with the burden and heat of the day.

Stay a while and know that I abide with you, and know that I speak Peace unto your soul.

Dread nothing, fear nothing. Know that all is well. The day is far spent. The toil has been long, but evening rest with Me is sweet.

The gathering gloom of night will be to your heart but the overshadowing wings of the Eternal God.

Deep in your heart you feel the striving of wonderful Truths. Faint sense of the Glory to be revealed.