God At Eventide – August 20


August 20 – Glorious Opportunity

Man’s life is no tragedy or comedy staged by a God of Whims.

It is man’s glorious opportunity of regaining what humanity lost — assisted by the One Who found the path-direct, and Who is ready at every point, and all along the way to supply man with the Life Eternal.

That Life Eternal which alone enables him to breathe, even here now, the very air of Heaven, and to be inspired with the Spirit-life in which I lived on earth; God made man.

God At Eventide – August 19


August 19 – Bounteous Giving

Lord I ask for Thine unlimited supply.

I give with no niggard hand. See the Beauty in Nature, the profusion, the generosity. When I give you a work to do, a need of another’s to meet, My supply knows no bounds.

You, too, must learn this Divine generosity, not only towards the lonely, the needy, whom you contact, but towards Me, your Lord.

Measure the wealth of Mary’s gift by the offerings given to Me nowadays by those who profess their Love for Me. Ungenerous giving dwarfs the soul.

noun: niggard; plural noun: niggards
  1. 1.
    a stingy or ungenerous person.
adjective: niggard
  1. 1.
    archaic term for niggardly.

God At Eventide – August 18


August 18 – Broken Bonds

Loose the fetters that bind me to earth and material things.

They shall be loosed. Even now your prayer is being answered. But you can only be completely released as you live with Me more and more.

Thought-freedom from self-claims comes by a process of substitution. For every claim of self, substitute My claim. For every thought of fear or resentment substitute a thought of security in Me and of Joy in My Service. For every thought of limitation, or helplessness, substitute one of the Power of a Spirit-aided life.

Do this persistently. At first with deliberate effort, until it becomes an almost unconscious habit. The fetters will snap and gradually you will realize the wonder of your freedom.

God At Eventide – August 17


August 17 – Premature Blessing

Give me strength to wait Thy time, accept Thy discipline.

Only your failure to do this can delay the answers to your many prayers.

The blessing you crave needs a trained, disciplined life, or it would work your ruin and bring upon you a world’s criticism that could but harm the very cause, My cause, which you so ardently seek to serve.

God At Eventide – August 15


August 15 – My Image Restored

Look unto Me until your gaze becomes so intense that you absorb the Beauty of Holiness.

Then truly is the petty, unworthy self ousted from your nature. Look to Me. Speak to Me. Think of Me.

So you become transformed by the renewing of your mind. Other thoughts, other desires, other ways follow, for you become transformed into My Likeness.

Thus you vindicate the ways of God with man — man made in His image, that Image marred, but I still had trust in man; trust that man, seeing the God-Image in Me, the man Christ Jesus, would aspire to rise again — into My Likeness.

God At Eventide – August 14


August 14 – Riches of His Grace

It is for My followers to make My Word, the very Word of God, attractive.

My Word passed to dwell in you richly. There must be no stinting, no poverty, but an abundance of rich supply.

Note the dwell. Nothing fitful, as I have told you. Make its home there. Fittingly belong there. No question of meager or exhausted supply.

The Word of God grows in meaning, in intensity, for you, as you bring it into operation.

Remember, too, the Word of God is that Word made flesh, Who dwells with you, your Lord Jesus Christ.

God At Eventide – August 13


August 13 – The Road You Took

Look back at the way I have led you.

Say to yourself, “Is not my Lord as strong today as in the days that lie behind me? Did He not save me when human aid was powerless? Did He not keep His Promise, and protect and care for me? Can I, remembering that, doubt His Power now?”

So you will gain confidence and a firmer trust. As your faith is thus strengthened, My Power can operate more freely and fully on your behalf.

You are only beginning to realize My Wonders. You will see them unfold more and more as you go on. Bring Me into all you do, into every plan, every action.

God At Eventide – August 12


August 12 – Holy Revelry

Live with Me. Work with Me. Ever delight to do My Holy Will. Let this be the satisfaction of your lives. Revel in it.

Let the wonder of My care for you be so comforting that you may see no dullness in drudgery, in delay . . .

The Glory of My leading, the wonder of its intimacy reveals such tender knowledge of you, past and future.

Let this reveal Me to you, and so daily increase your knowledge of Me.

God At Eventide – August 11


August 11 – Absolute Honesty

Learn to act slowly with sanctified caution.

Precipitancy has no part in My Kingdom.

Be more deliberate in everything, with the deliberation that should characterize every soul, for it is one of the credentials of that Kingdom.

Lack of poise and dignity means lack of Spiritual Power, and this it must be your aim to possess.

Be truthful in all things, honest with an honesty that can be challenged by the world, and by the standards of My Kingdom, too.