God At Eventide – Dec 14

December 14 – Songs Of Rejoicing

You must pray about all you plan to meet. Pray that you may leave them the braver, better, and happier for having seen and talked with you.

Life is so serious, let nothing turn you from your desire to serve and help. Realize all you are able to accomplish in your moments of highest prayer and service, and then think that, were your desire as intense always what could you not accomplish?

Rejoice in Me. The Joy of the Lord must indeed be your strength. You must step aside, and wait until the Joy floods all your being if you wish to serve.

Let Joy keep your hearts and minds lifted above frets and cares. If you want the walls of the city to fall down, you must go round it with songs of rejoicing.

God At Eventide – Dec 13

December 13 – The Narrow Way

You must obey My Will unhesitatingly if you would realize My Blessings. It is a straight and narrow way that leads into the Kingdom.

If man turns aside to follow his own will he may be in bypaths where My fruits of the Spirit do not grow, where My blessings are not outpoured.

You must remember that you have longed to help a world, the sorrows of which have eaten into your very souls. Do you not understand that I am answering your prayers?

The world is not always helped by the one who walks in sunlight on a flower-strewn path. Patient suffering, trials bravely borne, these show men a courage which could only be maintained by Help Divine.

God At Eventide – Dec 12

December 12 – Prove Me Now

You have to prove Me. To come to Me walking upon the water. No sure, accustomed earth beneath you. But remember He to Whom you come is Son of God and Son of Man.

He knows your needs. He knows how difficult it must be for mortals to learn to live more and more a life that is not of the senses. To know that when I say “Come,” I asked no impossibility.

Seeing the waves Peter was afraid.

Refuse to look at the waves. Know that with your eyes on Me you can override all storms. It is not what happens that matters, but where your gaze is fixed.

God At Eventide – Dec 11

December 11 – Help Is Here

You have been told to end all prayer upon a note of praise. That note of praise is not only faith rising up through difficulties to greet me. It is more.

It is the echo in the heart of the sound borne on Spirit waves — of that Help upon the way. It is given to those who love and trust Me to sense this approach. So rejoice for truly your redemption draweth nigh.

God At Eventide – Dec 10

December 10 – Successful Failures

You grieve that you have failed Me. Remember it was for the failures that I hung on Calvary’s Cross. It was a failure I greeted first in the Easter Garden.

It was to one of the failures I entrusted My Church, My Lambs, My Sheep.

It was to one who had thwarted and despised Me, who had tortured and murdered My followers that I gave My great world Mission to the Gentiles.

But each had first to learn to know Me as Savior and Lord by a bitter consciousness of having failed Me.

If you would work for Me, then you must be ready for the valley of humiliation through which all My followers have to pass.

God At Eventide – Dec 9

December 9 – Power To Help

Not so much on what you say as on your willingness to let My Influence flow through you, will your power to help others depend.

The Power of My Father is summoned by you to the aid of those whom you desire to help.

Live in the consciousness of My Presence, and your thoughts of Love, anxiety, and even interest will let loose a flood of Power to save.

God At Eventide – Dec 8

December 8 – But For My Grace

You are Mine. Mine to control, to lead, to cherish. Trust Me for all.

In thinking of and dealing with others realize that whatever their sin, you would be as they are but for My protection, but for My tender forgiveness.

Remember, too, that My Command of “Judge not” was as explicit as that of “Thou shalt do no murder,” “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Obey Me in all.

God At Eventide – Dec 7

December 7 – Secret Service

You are blessed, very richly blessed. Never forget that you have My Love and Protection. No Treasures of the world can mean to you what that can.

Never forget, too, that you are guided. Every word, every letter, every meeting, God-planned and God-blessed. Just feel that, know that.

You are not a stray and uncared for. You belong to the Secret Service of Heaven. There are privileges and protections for you all along the way.

God At Eventide – Dec 6

December 6 – A New Song

You are being led forth. You have crossed the Red Sea. Your wilderness wanderings are nearly over. Behold I make all things new.

A new birth, a new heart, a new life, a new song.

Let this time be to you a time of renewal.

Cast away all that is dead. Truly live the Risen Life. In mind and spirit turn out all that offends.

God At Eventide – Dec 5

December 5 – Perfect Achievement

Yield to My demands.

Obey My Will, that is God’s Will, for My MEAT was ever to do the Will of Him that sent Me. Obeying that Will, making it yours, all you will must be granted.

That Will is creative, secures perfect achievement, and, being of God (One and indivisible), secures all that is of God — Love, Peace, Joy, Power, in the measure that one of His creatures can absorb them.