God At Eventide- February 22

February 22 – Wonder-Work

All work with Me is wonder-work.  God working in and through man.  This should be the normal work of every Christian’s day.  For this I came to earth, to show man this could be.

For this I left the earth, so that this should be.  Can life offer anything more for you than that you fulfill in yourselves My expectations for My disciples?

Satan frustrates My plan by whispering to My followers a mock humility in which they trace not his evil hand — “They are too weak, too small, too unimportant to do much . . . ”

Away with false humility, which limits not you but Me.  Mine is the Power.

God At Eventide – February 21


February 21 – Wise As Serpents

Each servant of Mine should regard himself as an outpost for My Truths, where he must be prepared to receive My Messages, and to signal them on.  This is work of great importance in My Kingdom.

Wherever you go make Me known.  That was My Risen injunction, My Commission.  Wherever you go establish outposts of My Empire, make contacts for Me.  Make Me known to men — sometimes by speech, sometimes in silence.

God At Eventide – February 20


February 20 – The Secret Of Joy

Such rapture is yours.  Count it all Joy to know Me, and to delight in Me.  The secret of Joy is the longing to have My Will, and the gratification of that longing.

There is nothing in Heaven that transcends the Joy, the ecstasy, of loving and doing My Will.  To a soul who realizes this wonder, Heaven is already attained as far as mortals here can attain it.  My Will for you is My joyous arranging for you.

The frustration of the Divine Plan is man’s tragedy.

God At Eventide – February 18

February 18 – The Perfect Pattern

See that thou make all things according to the pattern that was shown thee on the Mount.

Otherwise it would have been better not to have gone up the Mount at all?  Take this lesson to heart.  In your daily valley-life you must live out what you learn in the alone-time on heights with Me.

The Spirit-pattern is so glorious because it is made to fit your life, specially planned for you.

Obeying the command made Moses the good leader he became.  This is the time, then, humbly to see your weakness, to adjust your life to the work of My Kingdom, to prepare to live in all things according to the pattern that was shown you on the Mount.

God At Eventide – February 17

February 17 – Practice Peace

Peace must fill your hearts and lives, and then you will find that ills and difficulties and sorrows and changes leave you unmoved.  Practice that steadfast immobility, no matter what may threaten.  This spirit of calm trust is the shield that turns aside the darts and stings of adversity.  Practice it.

Then you must seek to abide at the heart of the Universe with Me, at the center with Me.  There alone is changlessness and calm WITH ME.

God At Eventide – February 16


February 16 – He Changeth Not

Mark My Changelessness.

If I am truly the same, yesterday, today, and forever, then I am no God of moods as so often man portrays Me.  Can you worship a God swayed this way and that at man’s demand?

Dwell upon the thought of My Changelessness until you grasp the Truth that only as man changes and comes within the influence of My unchanging Law of Love can he realize and experience the Power and Love I have unchangingly for all mankind.

God At Eventide – February 15

February 15 – Green Pastures

After each salutary experience of life, each blow it may deal you, separate yourself from the world for a time.  Walk in My Green Pastures, and wander with Me beside the Waters of Comfort, until your soul is restored.

This is necessary so that you may readjust yourself to life.  For you are a new being; you have had a new experience.  Learn a new lesson.  Your Union with Me will be the closer for your experience.

This is the time when My Love can whisper new meanings to you, can make the Friendship between us a closer, more holy Union .

Come with your Lover into the stillness of My Green Pastures, and walk with Me beside hushed waters.

God At Eventide – February 14


February 14 – Thanks For All

Thank Me for all the withholding as well as for the giving.  Thank Me for sunshine and rain, for drought and springs of water, for sleep and wakefulness, for gain and loss.  Thank Me for all.

Know beyond all doubt, all fear, that all is well.  Cling to Me in moments of weakness.  Cling still in moments of strength, imploring that you may never feel self-sufficient.

No evil shall befall you, rest in this knowledge.

God At Eventide – February 13


February 13 – Ever Secure

Abide secure in My friendship.

A friend who knows you through and through; knows all your pitiful attempts at living for Me, your many and tragic failures, your childish misunderstanding of Me and what I would do for you.

Your desire to serve Me, your clinging to Me in the dark hours of helplessness; your stumbling confidence in your efforts to walk alone — I know all.

I have seen your persistent blindness to My guidance; I have seen how you obstruct the answers to your own prayers; I have noted your easy acquiescence to those forces that oppose My loving purposes.

I know all this, and yet I say again:  Abide with Me secure in My friendship.