God At Eventide – Oct 13

October 13 – Stories In The Bud

Learn a further lesson from the Two Debtors . . .

A lesson in forgiving others as you realize My forgiveness of sins committed, lessons slowly learnt, faults and shortcomings so easily condoned, which hinder your progress, and work for Me.

Can you show to others My patience to you?

Can you, too, give to others freely, while you claim My unrestricted Bounty? Meditate on this.

A story of Mine is like a bud. Only to the Sun of self-effacement and Spirit-Progress does it unfold.

God At Eventide – Oct 12

October 12 – Eyes Of The Spirit

You have much to learn.

Life will not be long enough to learn all, but you are gaining that Spirit-Vision which replaces the eyes of your mortal body when you enter into a life of fuller comprehension with My Father and Me.

God At Eventide – Oct 11

October 11 – All Clear

Love is the great power of understanding. Love explains all, makes all clear.

How can you understand Me unless you love Me? How can men see My purposes unless they love Me?

Love is indeed the fulfilling of the law. It is also the understanding of the law.

He that loveth is born of God, because he enters into a new life in God who is Love. Live in that Love.

Love it is that prepares the ground for My teaching, that softens the hardest heart, that disposes the most indifferent, that creates desire for My Kingdom.

Therefore love. Love Me first. Then love all, and so you link them to Me.

God At Eventide – Oct 10

October 10 – Peter’s Example

My child, I will never fail you.

My Promise is not dependent upon your perfection, only upon your accepting My Will and striving ever to walk in it.

But, for your happiness, I give you Divine Assurance that though you may fail in achievement, if not in desire, I cannot plead human frailty, so My Promises must be fulfilled.

When I chose Peter I saw in him not only one who after failure and denial, would become a Power for Me in My Strength; I chose him that others, frail and weak, might take courage as they remembered My Love and forgiveness, and his subsequent spiritual progress.

God At Eventide – Oct 9

October 9 – Overcome Desire

The listening ear —

Train the listening ear to hear Me.

The first step is to subdue earth’s desires and to want only My Will.

Desire as a control must be overcome.

Then follows the turning within to speak with Me.

Then the listening ear.

God At Eventide – Oct 8

October 8 – “Lord, Save Me”

I will, be thou clean.

Saved from all that tarnishes the purity of your soul.

Saved from harsh judgments.

Saved from disobedience to My Command.

Saved from all that offends My Justice, all that sins against My Love. I will, be thou clean.

God At Eventide – Oct 7

October 7 – The Upward Way

Only with Me, and in My Strength will you have Grace and Power to conquer the weakness, the evil, in yourself. Your character-garment is spoiled. Only by applying My Salvation can it to become a wedding garment, fit robe in which to meet the Bridegroom.

The foundation-cleansing of the garment is belief in Me as your Savior, your Redeemer. Thereafter to each fault and evil in your nature must be applied that evil-eradicating Power that can only come from relying on My Strength, and from living with Me, from loving Me, and loving to do My Will.

Mere general belief in Me as Redeemer and Savior is insufficient. Set yourself now to walk steadily the upward way, strong in Me and in the power of My Might.

God At Eventide – Oct 6

October 6 – Power-Seekers

How pitiful man’s striving after power when God’s Power, with all its mighty possibilities, is there for him did he but know how to obtain it.

To tell one such that this would only be possible for one who has entered My Kingdom of Heaven, might indeed arouse his curiosity.

But tell him the way into that Kingdom is one of self-effacement, obedience to and love of My Will, tell him that he must enter as a little child, that only by spiritual progress can he attain to a man’s true estate, and that the training might be long, the discipline hard — tell him this and he will turn empty away.

Yet in so doing he will renounce, all unknowing the victor’s prize, the life of peace, and power, and joy.

God At Eventide – Oct 5

October 5 – One With Me

One with the God of Creation.

One with the Jesus of Calvary.

One with the Risen Christ.

One with His Spirit operating in every corner of the Universe, energizing, renewing, controlling, all-powerful.

Could man ask more? Could thought rise higher?

God At Eventide – Oct 4

October 4 – Bright Reality

O Jesus make Thyself to me A living, bright reality.

Then will you show Me as a living bright reality? I died that I might live in you, My followers, and you present Me to the world as a dead Christ.

“I am alive for evermore.”

Though you may repeat those words they are not vibrant with Life, here and now. They speak but of My existence in another sphere far removed from this earth and its joys and sorrows, achievement and stress.

Yet in all these daily things I would have My Spirit active in and through you.

How can man so misread My Teaching?