God At Eventide – August 31


August 31 – Heaven’s Music

Lift up your heart.

Lift it up — its love and its longings, leaving fears and faults behind.

Let your heart draw its strength and vitalizing Joy and Confidence from Me, your Lord.

Let no vibration stir your being that is not in harmony with the Eternal Music of My Kingdom.

God At Eventide – August 30


August 30 – Stand Invincible

Life, earth-life, is a battle. A battle in which man will always be the loser unless he summons Eternal Life-Forces to his aid. Do this and all that has the power to thwart you slinks back defeated.

Say, in the little as well as the big things of life, “Nothing can harm, nothing can make me afraid. In Him I conquer.” Stand invincible, face  the foes of life.

God At Eventide – August 29


August 29 – Divine Extravagance

Let Christ be in you in all wealth of Wisdom.

It is the niggard attitude of My followers that casts a slur upon My religion.

Dwell upon the Divine extravagance of terms used by those who know something of the wonder of My Kingdom — “The riches,” “The wealth,” “The fullness.” There is no stint with God.

The only limit is set by the inability of My followers to take. Wealth of wisdom and unlimited Power to help others may be yours.

God At Eventide – August 28


August 28 – Thread of Gold

Let My Spirit of Calm enter your being, and direct you, filling you with Peace and Power. Find in each day that thread of gold that runs through all, and that links up all the simple tasks and words and interests and feelings into one whole.

Consciously hand the day back to Me at its close, leaving with Me all that is incomplete. It is Heaven’s work to complete man’s imperfect or unfinished task, when it has been of Heaven’s ordering.

See the Joy of Life, and you by that very act increase it. Joy grows by man’s consciousness of Joy.

God At Eventide – August 27


August 27 – One Spirit-led Family

Have no fear. Wonders unfold.

In this Life or in the Larger Life, the lesson is the same — the absorption of My Spirit — living, thinking, and acting in My Spirit until others are forced to see and recognize its Power and claims.

Does this mean loneliness for My Follower? Nay, rather, though you, the human-self-you has no recognition, the real you, transformed by My Spirit, shares in all that fullness of operation and resultant Joy.

You are no isolated being but one of a mighty Spirit-led family, partaker of all the family’s well-being, cooperative in every act of each member, sharer of the blessing of each.

A foretaste this of Heaven’s oneness and fulfillment.

God At Eventide – August 26


August 26 – “I Die Daily”

I enjoined that if any man would follow Me he should deny himself and take up his cross.

The denial thus impressed upon My disciples as necessary was not a mere matter of discipline, of giving up, of going without.

It was a total repudiation of any claim the self might make, ignoring it, refusing to acknowledge it.

Not once was this to be done, but daily; there was to be a daily recrucifixion of any part of the self-life not already completely dead.

God At Eventide – August 25


August 25 – House of the Spirit

“Lest perhaps you should let them slip” — “Hold fast that thou hast.” Each Truth learned has to be cemented to your being by obedience.

Your soul-character is like a building. It IS a building (the Temple) in which the God-Spirit can make a Home.

Bricks lying on the ground separate are useless; placed together, united, they form a building. So obedience is the mortar by which Truths are retained and become a part of the being. Truths which would otherwise be lost.

So every Truth I give you must be lived out.

God At Eventide-Aug 24

August 24 – Might and Majesty

You see Me sometimes as the Man of Sorrows.

Behold Me, too, in the Majesty of My Godhead.

Not always can Man disregard My Wishes and break My Commands.

I view the desecration of My Image, I see the ruin of the kingdom of earth which was to have been the Kingdom of the Lord. I see passions let loose and innocence spoiled, and man clamoring for the mastery.

Then the Man of Sorrows walks a King with flashing eyes, as He sees the downtrodden, the oppressed, the persecuted and the persecutor, the tyrant and the weak.

How long shall I have the patience? HOW LONG?

God At Eventide – August 23


August 23 – Hunger for Righteousness

Many are wondering why their desire for righteousness is not satisfied according to My Promise. But that Promise was on condition that there should be hunger and thirst. If the Truths I have given have not been absorbed, there can be no real hunger for more.

So, when you miss the Joy-Light on your path, when the vision seems lost, and the Voice silent, then ask yourself, have you failed to live out the lessons that you were taught?

Live out My teaching in your lives, and then, hunger for more, come to Me, Bread of Life, Food of your souls.

God At Eventide – August 22


August 22 – True Power

Many are speaking on about Me, and they marvel that their words have no force. They are not My Words, they are words about Me. Oh, and how different.

The world is surfeited with words about Me.

The world needs to see Me, not to hear of My Power, but to see it in action. Not to hear of My Peace, but to see that it keeps My followers calm, unruffled, and untroubled, no matter what the outward circumstances.

Not to hear of my Joy, but to see it, as from hidden depths of security, where true Power and Peace abide, it ripples to the surface of the life, and is revealed to those round about.