April 27 – Seeing Christ


I am beside you. Can you not feel My Presence?

Contact with Me is not gained by the senses. Spirit-consciousness replaces sight.

When man sees Me with his human sight it does not mean of necessity that his spiritual perception is greater. Nay, rather that for that soul I have to span the physical and the spiritual with a spiritual vision clear to human eyes.

Remember this to cheer My disciples who have never seen Me, and yet have had a clear spiritual consciousness of Me.

“And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” Exodus 33:14

3 thoughts on “April 27 – Seeing Christ”

  1. I’m starting reading this book. It was a gift one of the best in my entire life !
    I’m beginning to feel the presence of our Lord and I have learn to trust on Him repeating every moment Jesus I trust on you.
    Than you,

  2. I have read this book over and over since it was presented to me in 1981. I have come to rely on it to bring me into the Presence of My Lord… It took me many years but I have experienced His Presence as “The Two Listner’s” did so many years ago. This book and its’ reading were the beginning of my 35 years “Spiritual Journey” into my personal experience with the Living Savior Jesus Christ. What an experience… You can come to experience it also… Rod M.

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