God at Eventide – March 15


Guidance is Guidance

Be still before Me. How often in a crisis man rushes hither and thither. Rush is a sign of weakness. Quiet abiding is a sign of strength.

A few quiet actions, as you are led to do them, and all is accomplished wisely and rightly, more quickly and more effectually than could be done by those who rush about and act feverishly.

Guidance IS Guidance, the being led, the being shown the way. Believe this.

Softly across life’s tumult, comes a gentle Voice, “Peace, be still.” The waves of difficulty will hear. They will fall back. There will be a great calm.

And then the Still Small Voice of Guidance.

5 thoughts on “God at Eventide – March 15”

  1. I don’t like the new format either. At all. It’s a significant distraction in concentrating on the messages. And who needs MORE email? This obvious lack of tact is just a reflection of acute disappointment.

  2. Keith,

    Thanks for your question. We had to move the website to a different host, and are in the process of rebuilding the pages. The format will be a little different, but the pages with ALL of the devotionals are returning soon. The most significant change is the delivery of the daily devotionals on a blog rather than by email. If you choose to FOLLOW the blog, you will get email notifications of the posts along with links to each day’s devotionals. Your favorite pages will return very soon, beginning with the April pages.

    Any suggestions you might have or requests you’d like to make would be welcome!

    Blessings to you and yours,

  3. I’m very sorry to see the format of God Calling has changed. Previously each month and each day was clearly displayed and one could navigate back and forth between dates. Why has that format now changed? As they say in the USA, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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