God Calling – Nov 7

November 7 – Self Kills Power

Dwelling with Me, desiring only My Will and to do My work, My Spirit cannot fail to pass through the channel of your life into the lives of others.

Many think it is humility to say they do little, and are of little value to My world.  To think that is pride.

What if the pipe were to say, “I do so little, I wish I could be more use.”  The reply would be “It is not you, but the water that passes through you, that saves and blesses.  All you have to do is to see there is nothing to block the way so that the water cannot flow through.”

The only block there can be in your channel is self.  Keep that out, and know that My Spirit is flowing through.  Therefore all must be the better for coming in contact with both of you, because you are channels.  See this, and you will think it natural to know they are being helped, not by you, but by My Spirit flowing through you as a channel.

And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby
ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.
Ephesians 4:30

God At Eventide – Nov 6

November 6 – Your Garden Of Life

Think of Me tonight as the Great Gardener, tending and caring for you as a gardener does for his garden.

Pruning here, protecting from frost there, planting, transplanting.  Sowing the seed of this or that truth, safeguarding it with the rich earth, sending My rain and sun to help in its growth, watching so tenderly as it responds to My care.

Lovingly anxious when its first eager green appears.  Full of joy at the site of bud, and when the beauty of flower is seen.  The seed and fruit of His pastures.

The Great Gardener.  Let Me share with you the tending of your garden of life.

God Calling – Nov 6

November 6 – God in Action

Power is not such an overwhelming force as it sounds, a something you call to your aid, to intervene in crises.  No!  Power is just God in action.

Therefore whenever a servant of Mine, however weak he humanly may be, allows God to work through him, then all he does is powerful.

Carry this thought with you through the days in which you seem to accomplish little.  Try to see it is not you, but the Divine Spirit in you.  All you have to do, as I have told you before, is to turn self out.  A very powerful axe in a Master Hand accomplishes much.  The same in the hand of a weak child, nothing.  So see that it is not the instrument, but the Master Hand that wields the instrument, that tells.

Remember no day is lost on which some Spiritual Truth becomes clearer.  No day is lost which you have given to Me to use.  My use of it may not have been apparent to you.  Leave that to Me.  Dwell in Me, and I in you, so shall ye bear much fruit. The fruit is not the work of the branches, though proudly the branches may bear it.  It is the work of the Vine, that sends its life-giving sap through those branches.  I am the Vine and ye are the branches.

And because he loved thy fathers, therefore he chose their
 seed after them, and brought thee out in his sight with 
his mighty power out of Egypt.  Deuteronomy 4:37

God At Eventide – Nov 5

November 5 – Wine Of Life

They have no wine.

Something is lacking at the feast of life.

I only can supply that wonderful Life element that the world lacks.  The Joy, the sparkle is Mine to give.

Yours to feel the lack, the soullessness.  Yours to say — “They have no wine.”

“Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.”

Your task to fill the water-pots with water.

God Calling – Nov 5

November 5 – Second Advent

Jesus, Comforter of all the sorrowing, help us to bring Thy comfort into every heart and life to which Thou art longing to express that comfort through us.  Use us, Lord.  The years may be many or few.  Place us where we can best serve Thee, and influence most for Thee.

The world would be brought to Me so soon, so soon, if only all who acknowledged Me as Lord, as Christ, gave themselves unreservedly to be used by Me.

I could use each human body as mightily as I used My own human body as a channel for Divine Love and Power.

I do not delay My second coming.  My followers delay it.

If each lived for Me, by Me, in Me, allowing Me to live in him, to use him to express the Divine through him, as I expressed it when on earth, then long ago the world would have been drawn to Me, and I should have come to claim My own.

So seek, My children, to live, knowing no other desire but to express Me, and to show My Love to your world.

He must increase, but I must decrease.  John 3:30

God At Eventide – Nov 4

November 4 – The Life Beautiful

The Wonder of a life with Thee, dear Lord.

In the Spirit realm Truths reveal themselves in the same varied wonders of color as Nature her beauties.

Experiences, Guidance, Revelation of Truth, these are all, as it were, the flashing of glorious color-harmonies upon your inner sight, provoking such a wealth of joy, such a thrill of ecstasy as is beyond mortal tongue to describe.

That Joy is no shimmering beauty of the surface, but the strength-giving and comforting.  It furnishes the very foundation-altar upon which your life yields itself in sacrifice to Me, and from which your prayers ascend.

God Calling – Nov 4

November 4 – I Am Beside You

In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there
are pleasures for evermore.      – Psalm 16:11

Do not seek to realize this fullness of Joy as the result of effort.  This cannot be, any more than Joy in a human friend’s presence would come as the result of trying to force yourself to like to have that friend with you.

Call often My Name, “Jesus.”

The calling of My Name does not really summon Me.  I am beside you.  But it removes, as it were, the scales from your eyes and you see Me.

It is, as it were, the pressure of a loved one’s hand, that brings an answering pressure, and a thrill of Joy follows, a real, and a joyful sense of nearness.

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and
uphold me with thy free Spirit.  Psalm 51:12

God At Eventide – Nov 3

November 3 – Up In The Heights

The Sunlight on the Hills of God lures men to seek His Mountain Heights.

Get away from valley prejudices and fears on to the sunlit slopes with Me.  Gently at first I will lead, so gently; then as you gain strength we will leave, together, the grassy slopes for the rugged Mountain Heights, where fresh visions are spread out before you, and where I can teach you My Secrets of those Heights.

Life holds in store more wonderful possibilities than you can sense as yet, and ever, more and more, as you go on, will further possibilities reveal themselves.

God Calling – Nov 3

November 3 – No Limit

Unlimited supply, that is My Law. Oh! the unlimited Supply, and oh! the poor, blocked channels!  Will you feel this, that there is no limit to My Power?

But man asks, and blasphemes in asking, such poor mean things.  Do you not see how you wrong Me?  I desire to give you a gift, and if you are content with the poor, and the mean, and the sordid, then you are insulting Me, the Giver.

“Ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you.”  How I can fulfill the promise is My Work, not yours, to consider … Have a big Faith, and expect big things, and you will get big things.

Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss,
that ye may consume it upon your lusts.   James 4:3

God At Eventide – Nov 2

November 2 – Your Store Of Wealth

The stored wealth of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

The giving out of that Spirit-wealth.

The supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

This, My Spirit, must be absorbed, not in a moment of emergency, but in the quiet alone-times, so that from this store all help and strength can be supplied.

The mistakes My followers often make is that they rely upon this supply being ready for them to claim from Me at need, when the claim should have been made before, and My Spirit in all its fullness have already become a part of them.

My Spirit is not a Spirit of Rescue alone.  It is both Builder and Strength, making of My followers that strong soldier ready for the emergency or strong to avoid it, as the need of My Kingdom may demand.