God At Eventide – May 16


May 16 – Hungry Hearts

We would see Jesus.

This is still the cry of a hungry, dissatisfied, seeking world.

I look to My followers to satisfy that cry.

Reflect Me, that the seekers may see Me in you, and then go on to company with Me.

Rejoice at this as John rejoiced when he could point his disciples to Me with the brave and humble words, “He must increase, and I must decrease.”

Go on in Faith and Joy and Love.

God Calling – May 16


May 16 – Pray and Praise

I will be much entreated because I know that only in that earnest supplication, and the calm trust that results, does man learn strength and gain peace.  Therefore I have laid that incessant, persistent pleading as a duty upon My disciples.

Never weary in prayer.  When one day man sees how marvelously his prayer has been answered, then he will deeply, so deeply, regret that he prayed so little.

Prayer changes all. Prayer re-creates.  Prayer is irresistible.  So pray, literally without ceasing.

Pray until you almost cease to pray, because trust has become so rock-like, and then pray on because it has become so much a habit that you cannot resist it.

And always pray until Prayer merges into Praise.  That is the only note on which true prayer should end.  It is the Love and Laughter of your attitude towards man interpreted in the Pray and Praise of your attitude towards God.

Men ought always to pray,
and not to faint.
Luke 18:1

God At Eventide – May 15


May 15 – Grasp This Truth

Too many hinder their work for Me by seeking to justify themselves.  You are fighting for Christ the King, not for yourself.  The explaining or justifying must be for Me.

In any difficulty with another put yourself in his place and pray that his difficulty may be solved for him.

This will bring about a solution of yours, and help you to see better that for which you should pray.

The power to realize the needs of those you contact can only be acquired by absorbing sympathy and understanding from My Life.  So, time for knowing Me must be increasingly dear and necessary to you.

Your task is to show the Power of My Spirit working through a life of yielded will, and the Joy that transforms the life when this is so.

God Calling – May 15


May 15 – First The Spiritual

What can I say to you?  Your heart is torn.  Then remember “He bindeth up the broken hearts.”  Just feel the tenderness of My Hands as I bind up your wounds.

You are very privileged, both of you.  I share My plans and secrets with you and make known to you My Purposes, while so many have to grope on.

Try to rest on these words.  “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Then strive not for them, but untiringly, for the things of My Kingdom.

It is so strange to you mortals, you would think the material things first and then grow into the knowledge of Spiritual things. Not so in My Kingdom.  It is spiritual things first and then material. So to attain the material redouble your efforts to acquire the Spiritual.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he hath sent me to heal 

the broken-hearted, to preach
deliverance to the captives,
… to 
set at liberty them
that are bruised.
Luke 4:1

God At Eventide – May 14


May 14 – You Have Been Warned

Fasting is the starving out of self.  It may not always be by food-abstinence.  But it is an absolute essential of progress in the life with Me.

There is no standing still in the Christian life.  If there is not progress there is retrogression.

I redeemed you.  Bought you back from slavery to sin, of whatever kind.

So, when weakness overcomes you, and you yield to temptation, you make of My Redemption a mockery.

God Calling – May 14


May 14 – The Love of a Lover

Remember that a loving Master delights in the intimacy of demands made, as much as He desires His followers and friends to delight in the tender intimacy of His demands.

Only as the result of frequent converse with Me, of much prayer to Me, of listening to and obedience to My behests comes that intimacy that makes My followers dare to approach Me as friend to friend.

Yield in all things to My tender insistence but remember I yield too to yours.  Ask not only the big things I have told you, but ask the little tender signs of Love.  Remember that I came as the world’s Great Lover.  Never think of My Love as only a tender compassion and forgiveness.  It is that, but it is also the Love of a Lover, who shows His Love by countless words and actions and by tender thought.

In each of you, too, remember there is God. It is always given to man to see in his fellow man those aspirations and qualities he himself possesses.  So only I, being really God, can recognize the God in man.  Remember this, too, in your relation to others.

Your motives and aspirations can only be understood by those who have attained the same spiritual level.  So do not vainly, foolishly, expect from others understanding.  Do not misjudge them for not giving it. Yours is a foreign language to them.

Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth,
where thou feedest, where 
makest thy flock to rest at noon.
Song of Solomon 1:7

God At Eventide – May 13


May 13 – Highways and Byways

The Way of Holiness differs for each of My followers as the character of each differs.  My command for you is not necessarily My command for another.

My followers often forget this.  Because I may have told them to take a certain road they are sure that you should be walking in the same way.

Heed them not.  Remember, too, that a way of discipline for you may not be My Will for another.

God Calling – May 13


May 13 – Never Judge

What Joy follows self-conquest!  You cannot conquer and control others, either of you, until you have completely conquered yourself.

Can you see yourselves absolutely unmoved? Think of Me before the mocking soldiers, being struck, spat upon, and answering never a word – never a word.  Try to see that as Divine Power. Remember by that Power of perfect silence, perfect self-control, you can alone prove your right to govern.

Never judge. The heart of man is so delicate, so complex, only its Maker can know it. Each heart is so different, actuated by different motives, controlled by different circumstances, influenced by different sufferings.

How can one judge of another? Leave to Me the unraveling of the puzzles of life. Leave to Me the teaching of understanding. Bring each heart to Me, its Maker, and leave it with Me. Secure in the certainty that all that is wrong I can set right.

Judge not, that
ye be not judged.
Matthew 7:1

God At Eventide – May 12

May 12 – Lord of Joy

The Unspeakable Joy offered Himself for joyful recognition.

This is a further stage of development.

You enter upon it when you realize that I was the expression in time of the Joy of all Eternity. That joy I offered to all who would see in My way the path of Joy, and who would hail Me not only as the Man of Sorrows but as the Lord of Joy.

This truth becomes known to those only who give joyful recognition to this all-amazing, all-sustaining, all-revealing JOY.

God Calling – May 12


May 12 – Thrill of Protection

Turn out all thoughts of doubt and of trouble. Never tolerate them for one second. Bar the windows and doors of your souls against them as you would bar your home against a thief who would steal in to take your treasures.

What greater treasures can you have than Peace and Rest and Joy? And these are all stolen from you by doubt and fear and despair.

Face each day with Love and Laughter. Face the storm.

Joy, Peace, Love, My great gifts.  Follow Me to find all three. I want you to feel the thrill of protection and safety Now. Any soul can feel this in a harbor, but real joy and victory come to those alone who sense these when they ride a storm.

Say, “all is well.” Say it not as a vain repetition. Use it as you use a healing balm for cut or wound, until the poison is drawn out; then, until the sore is healed, then until the thrill of fresh life floods your being.

All is well.

O thou of little faith,
wherefore didst thou doubt?
Matthew 14:31