God At Eventide – January 21

January 21 – Exceeding Great Reward

I am thy shield and thine exceeding great reward.

Shield from the storm of life.  Shield from even the consequences of your own faults and failings.  Shield from your weakness.  Shield from worry.  Shield from fear and sorrow.  Shield from the world with its allure and temptations.  Not only your shield, but your exceeding great reward.

Not the reward of perfection in your life, for that you could not win here.  Not the reward of what you do, or of any merit in yourself.  Only the result, or reward of your questing.  The satisfaction of your hunger to find me.  Exceeding great reward.

Your reward is the same as that of the greatest saint who has ever lived.  Given not as a trophy of victory, not as a recognition of virtue, but given because you are the seeker, and I, your Lord, am the Sought.

God At Eventide – January 20


January 20 – Now Is The Victory

I am with you.  I am delivering you.  But look for deliverance not from circumstances alone, but deliverance from the self-ties that bind you to earth, and that hinder your entrance into the kingdom of the service in which there is perfect freedom.  All is well.

You shall rise to newness of Life.  You cannot fail to rise as you free yourself from the toils and sins and failures that bind you to Earth.

No past sin can enchain you.  You look to Me and are saved.  They are all forgiven.  Conquer your faults with My Strength now, and nothing can prevent you from rising, nothing that is past.

God At Eventide – January 19


January 19 – Comfort And Joy

I am with you.  I will help you.  Through suffering to health, through sorrow to joy, through pain to ease, through night to day — you shall be led and comforted.

Without previous experience of dawn and day none could dream that the glorious dawn and fullness of day could follow the blackest night.

Regard this experience not as darkness but as dawn.  The first faint glimmers of light are following the black night through which you have passed.  The full day is not yet.  But hail the DAWN with Me.

God At Eventide – Jan 18

January 18 – Joy Of Meeting

So many think of prayer as petition only.   It IS petition.  “In everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known unto Me.”

But prayer is also a glad turning to meet Me for the joy of the meeting, for the rapture of My Presence.

Prayer, too, is preparation for tomorrow’s return to those who need you, those to whom My love goes out from you.

God At Eventide – Jan 17

January 17 – Great Souls

I am here.  Realize My Presence.  My love surrounds you; be filled with My Joy.

You are being truly guided though not until you are content to be led as little children do you really live fully in the Kingdom of Heaven .

Life with Me is of child-like simplicity.  Simple souls are the great souls, for in simplicity there is majesty.

God At Eventide – Jan 15

January 15 – Where Danger Lies

I am beside you — the eager Listener, so ready to hear your plea, so ready to say all that your heart needs.

Live more with Me apart, and so there will come an ever-increasing helpfulness to others.

Heart-poise, mental balance, spiritual strength, will be yours in ever more abundant measure.  Never feel that you can help others unaided by Me, for therein lies danger.

Your self-importance is destructive of helpfulness, devitalizing because your strength has such limitations.  Mine is limitless.

Grow more dependent upon Me, yet more assured that you can do all things through Me.

God At Eventide – Jan 14

January 14 – How Joy Comes

The Joy that follows awareness of Guidance has ever been the upholding Joy of My followers.

It is the result of desiring My Will only, in every detail, and then the realization of the wonderful way I can act for you when you leave the planning to Me.

Truly all things, every detail in each day, do work together for good to those who love Me.  My miracle-working power can become operative when there is no “kicking against the pricks,” no thwarting of My Will.

Whether you walk here on earth, or are free from earth’s limitations in My Heaven, it is Heaven to walk with Me.  Man has sought to describe Heaven in terms of music and song.  That is but his endeavor to express the ecstasy he knows on earth in Communion with Me, and to anticipate its magnified intensity in Heaven.

God At Eventide – Jan 13

January 13 – Fight Evil Forces

You are going to be a mighty force against evil because you will be ever-increasingly the agent of Divine Power.  Think, when this is so, how could you for one moment imagine that evil could leave you alone?  It is to the advantage of evil to thwart you.

Think how those who care for you in the Unseen watch to see you conquer in My strength for My Glory.

The great battles of your world are fought in the Unseen.  Fight there your battles and win.  More than conquerors through Him Who loves you.  Fight with the whole armor of God, ready prepared for you.

Victors through Me.  Press on. Victory is in sight.

God At Eventide – Jan 12

January 12 – Bright Shadows

He descended into hell . . . He ascended into Heaven.

It is good for man to know his Lord is ever with him through every danger, every change, every seeming chance.  It is good to walk the dark waters with Me.

I did not make the darkness.  It was no artist-design to create a darkness which should make My Light seem the greater radiance.

Willfulness and sin have caused earth’s shadows, but I am there to walk the dark places with you.  So that even the darkest place may be illumined by the Light of the Sun of Righteousness.

God At Eventide – Jan 11

January 11 – Your Good News

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring glad tidings . . . that publish Peace.”  When you are weary think that yours are the feet of those who bring glad tidings.

This will rob your steps of weariness, will give a Joy and a spring to your walk.

“Bringeth glad tidings.  Publisheth Peace.”  What a joyful mission.  One of gladness and Peace.  Never forget this, and the Joy of your message and mission will radiate from you gladdening and transforming.