God At Eventide – Jan 1

January 1 – All Is Ready

Write for all things are now ready.

The world is waiting for My Message of Love, and Hope, and Cheer.  The very unrest of the spirit is a sign.  The turning from the husk of religion is a sign.

Man is no longer lulled by empty phrases and promises of a better life hereafter.  He must know Me before he would wish to spend Eternity with Me.  He must know Me here in the storm where he needs strength and rest.

He has been sleeping; now he has been shocked awake.  Now he must find Me or fling defiance at Me or school himself into denial, or indifference.

Reason and argument avail nothing.  Only by the lives of My followers can man be helped; only by seeing Mine unmoved, at peace, joyful, in a world of sorrow, disillusionment, and mistrust.

Your denial today will not be “I know not the man.”  The world is indifferent as to whether you know Me or not. No, it will be your failure to present Me in your life as I am — vital, sustaining, spirit-renewing, your All.