God At Eventide – Jan 4

January 4 – Your Mandate

Here in this evening hour I draw near to you — and listen.  Tell Me of the Peace you know in Me; of the tender confidence in Me that has brought Peace and Safety into your life.

Tomorrow you will go back into the world with My message of Eternal Life.  Truths that you are only just beginning fully to grasp, that are bringing you Vision and Joy, you will pass to others, that they may be saved the wasted years that lie behind you.  Turn to them as you would to one following you along a dangerous road and warn them against the pitfalls in their way.

Point out to them the beauties of The Way, the sunlit hills ahead, the sunset glories, the streams and flowers of My peaceful glades.

Direct their attention from earth’s allures or mirages  to Me, your Companion of The Way.  Tell them of your Joy in Me.  That is your mandate from High Heaven.