God At Eventide – March 25


Sift Your Motives

Walk in My Ways. Follow the path I have bidden you tread.

Humble yourselves before Me, and keep My laws, so shall you have perfect peace.

I am with you to give you the needed strength. Go forward unafraid. Grow in Grace, and in the knowledge of Me, your Master and your Friend. Count all the learning of earth’s wisest as nothing compared with the wisdom that I, your Lord, would show you.

Love and learn. You have much, very much to do for My Kingdom. So seek to become perfect. Sift your motives. All that is unworthy cast aside, uproot its inner growth.

You are freely forgiven. Forgive freely, largely, wonderfully.

2 thoughts on “God At Eventide – March 25”

  1. Florence,
    Thanks so much for your questions. I did not write these devotionals. They were written by two ladies in England in the 1920’s. If you read this page, you will see how the God Calling book was published: http://twolisteners.org/story-of-the-book/. The story of the two ladies can be seen at http://twolisteners.org/the-voice-divine. There are scriptures with the God Calling devotionals for mornings. But you are right, there are no scriptures with the God at Eventide devotionals for evenings. I hope the Story of the Book and The Voice Divine pages help you get a better understanding of how these books were started. You might also read the book For Sinners Only. That book inspired the God Calling books.
    blessings to you and yours,

  2. Dear Carol@ twolistner,
    since you took over…very often I miss The Lords Word in your Daily Massages.
    You Use strong Words. But, it remains as human words. Its because, you skip to write biblical vers upon which you are probably refering. It makes whole Massage look like as if you are writing as God. If not, Please give us the refering Text from The Bible, The Vers in The Holy Bible with reference to The Book. So I can take whole massage from Our Lord through your Ministry!
    Thank you!
    Blessing of Our Lord be with you and happy resurrection days!
    In Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ
    Florence in Germany

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