April 2 – The Priceless Blessing


I am here. Here is truly as I was with My Disciples of old. Here to help and bless you. Here to company with you. Do you know, even yet, My children, that this is the priceless blessing of your lives? I forgive you, as you have prayed Me to, for all neglects of My commands, but start anew from today.

Study My words and carry them out unflinchingly, unflinching. As you do this, you will find that you are miracle-workers, workers together with Me — for Me. Remember this, not what you do, but what you are — that is the miracle-working power.

Changed by My Spirit, shedding one garment of Spirit for a better; in time throwing that aside for a yet finer one, and so on from character to character, gradually transformed into My likeness.

Joy, Joy, Joy.

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth 
them, he it is that loveth me.” John 14:21

4 thoughts on “April 2 – The Priceless Blessing”

  1. Anne,
    I have heard this from another listener as well. Mine comes on the same day, so I have not yet figured out why some are coming a day later. Are you in North/South/Central America? If you are on the other side of the international date line, you would get it a day late.

    Is anyone else getting theirs late? Please post here if you are!

    Blessings to you and yours

  2. Arthur,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I always love hearing about others who have been reading God Calling for years. Every time I read these, I find a new fresh layer or some new insight I had not seen before.
    Blessings to you and yours

  3. Dear Carol,
    thanks for working on the new format, which is looking very nice.
    However, I want to point out to you that the email notifications always arrive one day late (e.g. the note for April 1st arrives on April 2nd). Maybe you want to have a look into this.

  4. My mom introduced me to ‘God ‘Calling’ in 1984. It’s become very important in my life. Thanks, Carol, for keeping this alive. (Those paperbacks used to wear out pretty quickly.)

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