God At Eventide – May 1


Bounteous Giving

Not what you can gain in any situation, but what you can give must be your question. You follow Me, of Whom it was said, “Even Christ pleased not Himself.”  So love, so help, so serve.
Seek the weak and wandering.  Care for all.
Realize My overflowing and overwhelming Bounty.  The stores of the Lord are inexhaustible.  But to test and prove My generosity fully you must be generous.
My lovers give with no niggard hands.  A heart overflowing with gratitude for what it has received expends joyous gratitude in giving. 



noun: niggard; plural noun: niggards
  1. 1.
    a stingy or ungenerous person.
adjective: niggard
  1. 1.
    archaic term for niggardly.