God at Eventide – March 17


The Real World

Blessed are they that hear My Voice.”

Deaf to My Voice man can so often be. Live, My children, more in the Unseen World. There, in the contemplation of Me, your whole nature becomes sensitive to My faintest whisper.

I have told you, I tell you again, the Unseen World is the real world. Realize more and more as you go through this earth-life that this is only a material-plane parenthesis. The real paragraph, chapter, book of Life is the Spirit-Life.

This point of view will alter your idea of suffering, failure, and the work of life here. It will give you a new view of death. Birth begins the parenthesis, death closes it. Then back to real Life-History. Absorb this.

When you have done so, you will get that same idea about the various periods of your earth-life. Times of struggle, defeat, joy, failure, work, rest, success — treat them all as parts of a parenthesis in the one Eternal Life of spiritual progress.

4 thoughts on “God at Eventide – March 17”

  1. I’ve been a subscriber for some time and have so enjoyed two listeners. It speaks strongly to me and has enriched my relationship with our wonderful God and Father so much and brings a very special touch to my cherished mornings of quiet. I also wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new format! Thank you for continuing it in spite of obvious unexpected obstacles! Bless you!!

  2. This is pretty wonderful. Somewhere I used to have this book…have to look for it! Love, Love, Love you!!! MaryJo

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