God At Eventide – January 21

January 21 – Exceeding Great Reward

I am thy shield and thine exceeding great reward.

Shield from the storm of life.  Shield from even the consequences of your own faults and failings.  Shield from your weakness.  Shield from worry.  Shield from fear and sorrow.  Shield from the world with its allure and temptations.  Not only your shield, but your exceeding great reward.

Not the reward of perfection in your life, for that you could not win here.  Not the reward of what you do, or of any merit in yourself.  Only the result, or reward of your questing.  The satisfaction of your hunger to find me.  Exceeding great reward.

Your reward is the same as that of the greatest saint who has ever lived.  Given not as a trophy of victory, not as a recognition of virtue, but given because you are the seeker, and I, your Lord, am the Sought.