God At Eventide – January 25


January 25 – My Compensations

I am listening.  Picture Me, your Lord.  Not as one deaf to your entreaties, but rather as One straining with an intensity of Love to catch the first faint cry from one of His children.

Even in the case of those who love Me, how often do I listen in vain for the spontaneous words of Love?

Do not cry to Me only when cares press and you are weary.  Speak to Me often.  Share with Me all the little happenings, all the frets, all the little glad things.

These not only draw us more closely to each other, but they are to Me compensations for the neglect I suffer from My world.

One thought on “God At Eventide – January 25”

  1. It makes me sad to think our Lord is ‘sad’ from neglect in the world. All the more reason to talk with him more often and let him know how much I love and appreciate him!

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