God at Eventide – January 28


January 28 – Your Defender

I am the Gift of God to man.  Only so was it possible for man to know God the Father.  Only so was it possible for man to know that he had ever an Advocate with God — the Sinless Christ.

There is always One Who understands your case, Whose appeal cannot fail to be heard.  He has the right of Sonship.  He has a right to plead for you.

If he can plead for offending man, undertaking full responsibility for him, what better Advocate could you have?  He knows.  He has seen the tears of sorrow, the heartache and temptation.  He can plead as none other.

His own temptation was so real that, conqueror as He was, He can yet feel the tenderest pity for the vanquished.  He knows how seeming fair evil can appear, and He can estimate the added burden of tainted blood, inherited weakness and sin.

He gave His only Begotten Son.  This GREAT GIFT AM I, your Friend, your Companion.  Leave all to Me, your Advocate, trained during My years on earth to plead, never for Myself, but for every one who rests his cause in My Hands.