God At Eventide – January 31


January 31 – The Evening Call

Softly at even, comes the footfall of your Master.  My day has been long and weary.  Hearts that I have yearned over and longed for still withstand Me.

I see the aged, desolate without Me.  I see the disappointment of men and women, who in Me would find heart-satisfaction which others cannot give them.  I see youth crowding Me out of its work-filled, pleasure-filled days.  And yet I wait.  I knock, I plead, I call, unheard, unheeded, unwanted.

As I was the link between the Father and men, so now must My followers be the links between man and Me.

Human Love, material aid, human understanding, and friendship must bind those for whom I yearn.

Channels through which My help can flow to man truly you must be, but also the means through which man finds his groping way to Me.



O let me hear Thee speaking

    In accents clear and still,

Above the storms of passion,

    The murmurs of self-will.

O speak to reassure me,

    To hasten, or control;

O speak, and make me listen,

    Thou Guardian of my soul!