God At Eventide – February 25

February 25 – The War Within

And he was dumb, because he believed not.

There is physical correspondence to faith and to doubt.

Especially is this so among those who would serve Me.  For unlike others, they are not so controlled by the law of physical success or failure, but are under the direct control of the Laws of My Kingdom.

So, in many cases, you may note good health in one ignorant of Me, and ill-health in one of My followers, until he has learned the full control of the physical by the Spiritual.  In his case the warring of  physical and Spiritual may cause physical ill-health, or unrest.

So do not fret about the physical side, aim increasingly at control by My Spirit.

2 thoughts on “God At Eventide – February 25”

  1. I love it when the message seems to answer our question of the moment! They are so very timely for me often. Blessings to you as you navigate your new discovery. Praying for your healing and well being. Carol

  2. Thank you so much for this today. I am “warring” w/a physical problem and when I read that we war between the spiritual and the physical it struck a nerve! So true. Now to reconcile the two.

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