God At Eventide- February 28


February 28 – The Simple Life

The Gift of Eternal Life is a most precious one.  Each one who receives it must demonstrate by Joy and Trust and radiancy of Spirit, expressed in being and in bearing, the quality of the Life he possesses.

The other life is existence — just not death.

Power and Joy must radiate from you.  These are the expressions of Eternal Life.  Life Eternal is to know the Father and Me, His Son, Whom He sent.

“God so Loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting (i.e., Eternal) Life.”

Directly that Life is possessed by a man, all that is not simple, child-like has to go.

Not by complicated devices is My work accomplished.

My followers must be simple and direct.  “Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay,”  I said.

Simplicity Is forceful.  Simplicity Is great .  It Is a conquering Power.


Does the road wind up-hill all the way?

Yes, to the very end.

Will the journey take the whole long day?

From morn to night, my friend.

G. Rossetti