God At Eventide – April 7


April 7 – Bear Reproach Gladly

Rest unto your souls is found at My Feet. The place of rest is the place of humility.

When you rejoice to serve humbly, when you are content for men to think ill of you, when you can bear reproach and scorn gladly, then what can disturb the gladness of your soul, its rest?

No unrest can assail and hurt the soul that has not its spring in self. That self must be nailed to My Cross, that self must die before you can truly say –“I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”

2 thoughts on “God At Eventide – April 7”

  1. This is great thanks. I have the first part down pretty good and working on the dying part. We will see if their plan falls together!

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