God At Eventide – May 22


May 22 – Christianity Has Not Failed

Men are trying to live the Christian Life in the Light and Teaching of My three years’ Mission alone.  That was never My Purpose.

I came to reveal My Father, to show the God-Spirit working in man.  I taught, not that man was only to attempt to copy the JESUS of Nazareth, but that man was also to be so possessed by My Spirit, the Spirit actuating all I did, that he would be inspired as I was.

Seek to follow Me by the Power of the Indwelling Spirit which I bequeathed to you.  This Spirit WILL guide you into all Truth.

I told My disciples that I could not tell them all but the Spirit would guide them.  That is where MY followers fail Me.  Dwell more and more upon this Spirit-Guidance, promised to all, and so little claimed.