God At Eventide – Sept 18

September 18 – You Can Help

My followers were to save My world — by keeping My Commands, by close union with Me, and by the indwelling Power of My Spirit.

But they were to be a peculiar people. My religion which was to change men’s lives, and was to be so revolutionary as to separate families and reorganize governments, has become a convention, tolerated where not appreciated.

Its Truths have been modified to suit men’s desires. Its followers carry no flaming sword, they bear no Message of a Love so tender as to heal every wound, so scorching as to burn out every evil. My Cross is outdated, My Loving Father but the First Cause.

Man delights in his self-sufficiency, and seeks to persuade himself that all is well. Can he deceive a loving, understanding Father, who knows that under all the boasting there lurks fear, longings, despair?

Can I leave man so? Can I offer him Calvary, and if he will have none of it, leave him to his fate? I know too well his need of Me. “You can help Me.”