God At Eventide – Oct 7

October 7 – The Upward Way

Only with Me, and in My Strength will you have Grace and Power to conquer the weakness, the evil, in yourself. Your character-garment is spoiled. Only by applying My Salvation can it to become a wedding garment, fit robe in which to meet the Bridegroom.

The foundation-cleansing of the garment is belief in Me as your Savior, your Redeemer. Thereafter to each fault and evil in your nature must be applied that evil-eradicating Power that can only come from relying on My Strength, and from living with Me, from loving Me, and loving to do My Will.

Mere general belief in Me as Redeemer and Savior is insufficient. Set yourself now to walk steadily the upward way, strong in Me and in the power of My Might.