God At Eventide – Nov 27

November 27 – Spirit Of Adventure

The path has been tried, every step has been planned with a view to your progress.  Never test your work by what others can accomplish, or by what they leave undone.  Yours to master the task I have set you.  Go forward in My Strength and in the Spirit of Adventure.

Undreamed of heights can be attained in this way.  Never question your capability.  That has been for Me to decide.  No experienced Leader would set a follower a task beyond his Power.  Trust Me, your Leader.

The World would have been won for Me ere this had My followers been dauntless, inspired by their faith in Me.  It is not humility to hesitate to do the great task I set.  It is a lack of faith in Me.

To wait to feel strong is cowardly.  My strength is provided for the task, but I do not provide it for the period of hesitancy before you begin.

How much of My Work goes undone through lack of faith.  Again and again might it be said — “He did not many mighty works through this follower’s unbelief.”