God At Eventide – Nov 29

November 29 – Miracles I Could Not Do

What emphasis has been laid down upon the wonder of My walking upon the Sea, and upon My feeding the multitudes. In the eyes of the Heaven those were miracles of small importance.

Nature was My servant, the creation of the Father; and the Father and I are one.  Over her and over the material world I had complete control.  My acts were natural, spontaneous, requiring no premeditation, beyond the selection of a suitable moment for their performance.

But My real Miracle work was in the hearts of men, because there I was limited by the Father’s gift of free will to man.  I could not command man as I could the waves.  I was subject to the limitations the Father had set.  No man must be coerced into My Kingdom.

Think of all that My restraint cost Me. I could have forced the world to accept Me, but I should then have broken faith with all mankind.